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well water sediment filter Acceptable Iron Levels in Well Water

by:Ocpuritech     2019-07-29
well water sediment filter Acceptable Iron Levels in Well Water
Iron is a mineral that is critical to health at certain doses.It will naturally or enter the well water due to problems with the well structure or piping system.In the previous case, although the high iron content affects the taste and appearance of the sound water, it rarely appears at a dangerous level.
Although Tietong is often stored in all water, according to Wisconsin's natural resources department, it rarely exceeds the level of 10 mg (mg/1) per liter or ten parts per million (ppm ).The current recommended levels of China Railway in well water vary slightly from state to state, but they are in.2 and 1 mg/l.When the iron exceeds these levels, the taste and color of the water may be affected, the water supply brings a metallic flavor or smell, and leaves a red, brown or yellow casting that will stain the dish, laundry and facilities.
Iron enters the well for water supply in a number of ways, although the most common thing is that rain penetrates from the soil and absorbs soluble iron.When the water passes through the iron pipe in the pipe system, or when the acid is combined with the iron that naturally exists on the shallow well or on the water, it can also enter the water.High-speed rail levels attract iron bacteria that consume iron to survive.
If you have iron bacteria, you may see a sticky, smelly brown to yellow residue in your sink, bathtub or toilet.If you think that the iron content in your well water is high, you should first test the iron content in the water and determine the type of iron that exists.Private well owners can use test kits to test iron concentration, presence of iron bacteria, pH, alkaline and hardness.
You need to know these levels in order to determine the best treatment options.In the absence of bacteria, a lower soluble iron concentration can be treated with a filter or a phosphate additive placed in an oil well pressure tank.Although this may cause iron to crystallize and accumulate in the pipeline, the zeolite softener also removes iron.
Installation of manganese Green-can handle serious iron problemsSand filter, which can remove soluble and insoluble iron, although the filter must be cleaned and charged regularly in order to remain effective.Bleach treatment kills iron bacteria and can be used with other treatments
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