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whole house water filter cartridge 5 ways your home is making you sick -

by:Ocpuritech     2019-08-04
whole house water filter cartridge 5 ways your home is making you sick -
Your home should be an oasis.A safe place where you can go and relax at the end of a long working day, where you can spend time with your loved ones, where you can rest and recharge while you sleep.But going to places where you seek comfort and peace can actually make you sick.When Americans embrace green products, we need to focus not only on our ecological environment.
How to make our home a paradise for nature and health.Toxic cleaning products-we have been told for generations that a clean home is a healthy home, but check it out in your cleaning closet and may find a lot of chemicals.You think you're using-But do you know that those products contain pesticides?The furniture polish can contain silica gel, benzene and propane.
Think about it, children, in terms of their body shape, because they put everything in their mouths and are always particularly vulnerable to these chemicals.Take a look at the labels on the cleaning product and choose those that have the ingredients you can pronounce.There are more and moreToxic brands on the market and most supermarkets now have at least one natural cleaning product.
Use basic ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar and tea tree oil to make your own natural detergent.Not only will they be as clean as the products purchased in the store, but they will smell better and save you money.Unhealthy bedding-you hide under your bed every night and lean your head on your pillow, but do you know that your bedroom will be full of formaldehyde? Will formaldehyde release harmful VOC?Formaldehyde is released from daily household items and bedding such as curtains, sheets and interior decoration, which is known to cause breathing, allergic reactions and even serious diseases.
Replace old bedding with organic linen to remove wrinklesFree and other sheets containing synthetic additives and organic cotton sheets.You can also find organic mattresses made of natural ingredients that provide an allergen barrier.Poor indoor air quality-EPA ranks indoor air quality among the top 5 environmental health risks in the United StatesS.
faces today.
The easiest way to improve air quality is to open the windows and let fresh air in!Unfortunately, sometimes-Like winter.-This is not an option.All you can do is buy an air purifier with an efficient air filter.There are many different models, including portable models that can remove dust, pollen, dandruff, odor, chemical steam, etc.
In addition, the furnace air filter is replaced regularly.Non-Filtered drinking water and bath water-Your Drinking Water and bath water may contain chlorine, parasites and heavy metals.Studies have shown that chlorine and its various by-products are associated with serious diseases such as colon and bladder cancer.
Most people do not realize that they will also be exposed to these contaminants when taking a bath.The best way to make sure the tap water is clean is to install an overall water filter.With less than a thousand dollars invested, you can purchase a reverse osmosis water filter system that will make tap water cleaner than bottled water.
Another option is to install a separate shower head filter and faucet filter.For the whole house system or separate shower and countertop water filters, you will need to replace the cartridges on a regular basis.Radiation--Electricity in our homes and offices is part of modern life and we don't even think it is.
Every day we rely on its convenience to cook, clean, watch TV, fax, and print.But what is the price?We pay far more than money.The more expensive price is our health.On the walls of our homes and offices, the current flows through a few miles of wires, creating a magnetic field (EMFs ).
These areas greatly interfere with sensitive signals that communicate with our brains and nervous systems.Scientific research has shown that by reducing the radiation in the bedroom, people sleep better and even heal faster.Potential sources of radiation include electrical appliances such as building wiring and alarm clocks.
Some testing can be done to find out which circuit breakers and/or appliances need to be removedElectricity to reduce radiation.Some ways to reduce radiation in the bedroom are to unplug the TV and radio before going to bed and switch to a battery-powered alarm clock.You can also turn off the breaker in the bedroom every night.
How healthy is your home?Look up on www.
Health Home.
Lisa and Ron Beres are the founders of building biologists, certified green building professionals and www.GreenNest
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