without rain, broken hill faces future without water - reverse osmosis water system reviews-Ocpuri

without rain, broken hill faces future without water - reverse osmosis water system reviews

by:Ocpuritech     2019-11-13
without rain, broken hill faces future without water  -  reverse osmosis water system reviews
In the desert climate west of New South Wales, Lake menide is a lifeline.
A natural part of the Darling River system, which has been used since the 1960 s to supply water to nearby broken mountain cities.
They have long been a hot place to escape inland.
Dennis Sloan lives in the area all his life.
He told SBS News that rivers and lakes are an important part of the community.
"This river is very important to us," he said . "
"Our community, our kids, where they go camping, they go fishing, you know, all of this.
"Just three years ago, the lake system was full of capacity, three and a half times more water than Sydney harbor.
They are almost empty today.
A new reverse osmosis plant in Broken Hill has just been completed, ready to remove salt from the water supply, and the quality of the water supply drops as the water level drops.
This is an urgent and temporary measure, but the authorities areterm solution.
Karen Page, a Menindee resident, said the decision to release water to support the community and the downstream environment made the locals nervous. handed.
"We rely here on these waters to entertain," she told SBS News . ".
"Our environment depends on the waters here, and our wildlife depends on the waters here.
It is the lifeblood of our region. If there is no water here, our region will die.
"I think we were disappointed and very disappointed by people at all levels.
She is not alone in her opinion.
Darling Clifton runs "we want to act" on the Facebook page ".
"It has to reach an equal and equal balance throughout the system," he said . ".
"You can't sit on Lake Menindee, irrigate North, and have an environmental disaster in the pristine environment that flows south.
It must be together.
"Gavin Hanren from the Ministry of Primary Industry is a long-term investigation-term options.
He told SBS News that the long drought was unexpected after the last massive water release.
"It's a bit difficult to predict these things and whether this problem will always happen," he said . ".
"I think it's fair to say that in the last 20 years or so, we have four or five really big drought spells that have never happened in history.
He defended the recent decision to continue to discharge a small amount of water downstream in July.
"There is not much water there already, but we are now in the state of balancing water again and let all users try to get the best option.
"$0. 5 billion has been set aside to find a solution, one option is to lay the pipeline from South Australia or another part of the new state.
But now, the residents of the broken mountain face the loss of fresh water supply and one of the main attractions of the inland city.
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