Anaerobic and ozone elimination technology for large-scale industrial domestic sewage treatment equi

Anaerobic and ozone elimination technology for large-scale industrial domestic sewage treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-10
Anaerobic and ozone large industrial sewage treatment equipment eliminate technical writer: sewage treatment will use anaerobic biological method to purify water, large-scale sewage treatment equipment sewage anaerobic biological treatment method known as 'anaerobic digestionOxygen microorganisms degrade organic pollutants in sewage to purify sewage. The mechanism is to decompose the organic matter in the sludge under the action of anaerobic bacteria, and then produce methane and carbon dioxide and other gases. Next, the environmental protection water treatment equipment company will introduce how large-scale domestic sewage treatment equipment performs anaerobic digestion. The solid organic compounds in the sludge are dissolved by extracellular hydrolase secreted from anaerobic bacteria, and enter the cell through the cell wall. Under the catalysis of the hydrolase, the polysaccharides, proteins, and fats are respectively hydrolyzed into monosaccharides, amino acids, and amino acids. Fatty acids, etc. Under the action of acid producing bacteria, the products of the stage are further degraded into simpler volatile organic acids, such as acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid and so on. Under the action of the methane bacteria, the volatile acid produced in the second stage is converted into methane and carbon dioxide. The influencing factors of sewage treatment equipment include temperature, pH value, nutrients, organic poisons, anaerobic environment, etc. The advantages of anaerobic biological treatment: less energy consumed during the treatment process, high removal rate of organic matter, less sedimented sludge and easy dehydration, can kill pathogenic bacteria, no need to add nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients. However, anaerobic bacteria multiply slowly, are sensitive to poisons, and have strict requirements on environmental conditions. Compared with the final product, aerobic biological treatment is required. In recent years, it is often used in the biochemical treatment of high-concentration organic sewage. The technical treatment of ozone used in sewage treatment applications. The application technology of ozone generation is mainly divided into the four basic parts of generation, cooling, drying, and steam-water mixing, and the six major aspects of electronic control systems and structural systems. The air gap discharge method is mostly used for ozone generation in water treatment. Concentration needs, the power consumption increases, and the temperature rise of the device is inevitable. The temperature rise is the main factor that affects the production of ozone and the life of the equipment. Therefore, cooling is generally required, mainly air-cooled and water-cooled. Under the same ozone generating parts and power supply conditions, the ozone output is directly proportional to the dryness of the air source. At present, the methods of air source drying mainly include freezing, dew condensation, and chemical methods. The gas-water mixing device is an indispensable supporting equipment for ozone to be used in water treatment. Although ozone is easily soluble in water and its solubility is more than ten times higher than that of oxygen, certain technical means must be adopted to make ozone and water fully contact. Time, ozone concentration, pressure, etc. are all determinants of mixing efficiency. Therefore, although ozone is recognized as an efficient and safe method of sterilization and bacteriostasis, its technology is more complex and requires precise control during operation. my country is currently vigorously developing ozone wastewater treatment technology in order to provide better for the people. Water quality and life. The environmental protection water treatment equipment company reminds you: Domestic sewage treatment equipment is a more commonly used equipment, and many problems will be encountered in the application process.
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