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Analysis of Problems Existing in Pharmaceutical Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Treatment Equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-31
Existing pharmaceutical reverse osmosis water treatment equipment Analysis Author: reverse osmosis desalination than other desalination devices, such as: evaporators, electrodialysis, double bed, with unique characteristics and advantages of reverse osmosis localization work Increased attention. With the increase in the application of reverse osmosis technology, the problems that have emerged have become increasingly serious. Today, environmental protection will explain to you the problems of reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment for pharmaceuticals. Don't be scared. ① Due to the different quality of the raw water, the complete set of imported equipment lacks technical demonstration and process modification, so it is copied and copied, which is not suitable for the actual situation of our country. Therefore, the reverse osmosis influent must be pretreated according to the quality of the raw water to meet the requirements of the equipment for the influent water quality. ②Some enterprises with poor technical ability do not understand the reasonable selection of membrane elements and their quantity of reverse osmosis equipment, and the reasonable arrangement of membrane elements, which causes some membrane elements to operate under abnormal conditions. ③The quality of domestic film is not good enough. The quality of the membrane directly affects the removal rate of salt and other impurities. The rejection rate of the composite membrane produced in the United States can be stabilized above 90%. ④ The operation management is not strict. When the system is running, the pressure should be within the working pressure range that the membrane can withstand to prevent excessive strength and overload operation, which may cause mechanical damage to the membrane and cause leakage. When the reverse osmosis system has been running for a period of time, the water production volume drops sharply, the quality of the water production deteriorates, or the pressure difference increases, indicating that the membrane needs to be cleaned. At this time, the machine should be switched to the cleaning state and the system can be cleaned by itself to restore the membrane. Function.
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