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Angel ranks first in domestic water purifiers with a 10% brand preference rate

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-15

China Real Estate Association and E-House China Real Estate Appraisal Center launched a research report on the top 500 brands of China's real estate development enterprises for ten consecutive years on the basis of the evaluation of real estate development enterprises and related industrial chain enterprises, with a view to passing the notarization, Objective evaluation, evaluation of brands with high visibility, high impact and high competitiveness, providing more credit guarantee for the building materials market.

Angel ranks first in domestic water purifiers with a 10% brand preference rate

Indicator of investigation

1, 500 strong property development enterprise cooperation preferred rate

2. Product shipments and sales

3. Industry association nomination, brand perception, online voting, sample survey of engineering procurement personnel, typical industry experts

(Source: Angel Water Purifier Public Number, Invasion)

Since its inception in 1992, Angel has focused on the net drinking water industry. It has a history of 27 years and is a pioneer in domestic high-end water drinking products. It is also a leader in drinking good health. Since the development of the first water purifier, Angel has accumulated experience in research and development, mastered the pulse of the market, kept pace with the times, accumulated more than 300 patent applications, and applied to all kinds of net drinking water equipment and solutions currently produced, perfect solution. User needs.

In addition to focusing on technology research and development, Angel always pays attention to the macroscopic changes in the net drinking water market, gains insight into the potential needs of consumers, and strives to provide consumers with a good cup of water and a healthy glass in the most innovative and modern way. In 2019, the highly anticipated intelligent central drinking water system was introduced, which overturned the consumer's perception of water purification products. Both product performance and appearance value are super-class, strength and endurance are super-resistant, from the manufacture of single products. The upgrade of the business to become a solution provider is not only in line with the development of the market, but also the true interests of consumers.

(Source: Angel Water Purifier Public Number, Invasion)

Angel Smart Central Drinking Water System

The competition in the water purification equipment industry is fierce. However, under the background of new consumption awareness and health concept, the overall industry development trend is relatively clear. As the number of enterprises entering the industry increases, quality problems appear, and product safety is particularly important. The results show that the average qualified rate of key indicators of effluent quality of water purification equipment reaches 50%, and the quality level needs to be improved. In response to the existing problems, the company actively develops high-quality filter cartridges, and some of them have developed reverse osmosis filters for multi-layer filtration of impurities, viruses, bacteria and antibiotics in water to achieve safe drinking water.

- Excellent mining platform

(Source: Angel Water Purifier Public Number, Invasion)

Angel's latest patented film further enhances energy efficiency

Layout multi-channel

Of course, as people pay attention to health, the demand for water purification equipment is growing. Angel segmentation market, expansion channels, layout of real estate hardcover marketing, home improvement building materials marketing, Internet marketing, home appliance marketing, commercial channel marketing and other various paths, according to the needs and characteristics of different channels, proposed a targeted solution.

In the field of real estate hardcover, Angel has signed high-end brand image, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service system and reasonable product price with Vanke, Country Garden, Greenland, Ocean, Zhongnan, Fuxi, Taihe and other top 100 housing companies. The water purification equipment strategy gathers and cooperates, providing complete processes from product installation to after-sales service, which proves the hard power of Angel products and solutions.

The choice of the market witnessed the growth of Angel, and Angel's innovation drove a new round of changes in the market. On the road to innovation, Angel never stops; in the market expansion, Angel will continue to innovate. Product upgrades and iterations, program updates and creations are the careers that Angel has been working on and the reason why Angel has become the preferred water purifier in the country.

At the same time, as the recent research of Ocpuritech shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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