Any Automatic Multimedia Filter offices in other countries?
Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. aims to enhance the user experience and disperse brand recognition through word of mouth. Ask online! The Domestic Quality Manufacturer of Filter Supported by advanced technology, Aomi has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of ultrafilter, as shown in the following aspects. Aomi is committed to producing quality Filter and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

Seawater contains rich resources. when simulating the extraction of important industrial raw materials sodium chloride from seawater in chemical laboratories, the following operation procedures are designed: please (1) magnesium ions are precipitated by hydrogen and oxygen ions,The addition of excessive lime milk can precipitate magnesium ions,The sulfate ion is precipitated by the barium ion,The addition of excessive barium chloride can precipitate the sulfate ion,As for removing magnesium ions first,Or remove sulfate ions first,Calcium ions are precipitated by carbonate ions,The addition of calcium ions into sodium carbonate was converted into precipitation,But the added sodium carbonate should be placed after the added barium chloride,In this way, sodium carbonate will remove the remaining barium chloride in the reaction,The ions are all deposited,In the process of filtering,Finally, hydrochloric acid was added to re

Typical process flow of ion exchanger 50 Wright.The softener is a sodium ion exchanger,The ion exchanger is divided into: sodium ion exchanger, Yin and Yang bed, mixed bed and other types.The shell of the ion exchange column (device) generally adopts hard PVC (PVC) and hard PVC composite FRP (PVC-FRP, plexiglass, plexiglass composite transparent glass fiber reinforced plastic-FRP, steel lining rubber (JR), stainless steel lining rubber and other materials.The ion exchanger is mainly used for the preparation of pure water and high pure water,It has been widely used in many fields such as medicine, chemical industry, electronics, painting, beverage and medium and high pressure boiler water supply.It is used for the treatment of boilers, thermal power stations, chemical industry, light industry, textiles, medicine, biology, electronics, atomic energy and pure water treatment,Occasions where hard water softening and deionized water preparation are required for industrial production,It can also be used fo
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