Any manufacturers to customize Plate filter with middle effect ?
Development of materials and human progress The use of nano-materials is very wideThe main uses are: the use of nanotechnology in medicine can make the drug production process more and more detailed,And directly use the arrangement of atoms and molecules to make drugs with specific functions on the scale of nano-materials.Nano-material particles will make the transmission of drugs in the human body more convenient,Smart drugs wrapped in several layers of nanoparticles can actively search and attack cancer cells or repair damaged tissues after entering the human body.New diagnostic instruments using nanotechnology only need to detect a small amount of blood,All kinds of diseases can be diagnosed by the protein and DNA.Home appliances, nano material multi-functional plastic made of nano materialIt has the functions of antibacterial, deodorant, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, etc,It can be used as an electric ice cream and anti-bacterial deodorant plastic in the air conditioner shell.The electroni

Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. can help you improve your reputation and visibility. Get an offer! The Domestic Quality Manufacturer of Plate filter with middle effect Supported by advanced technology, Aomi has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of ultrafilter, as shown in the following aspects. Aomi is committed to producing quality Plate filter with middle effect and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

The role of various water purification filter elements. I. pp cotton filter element: 1> polypropylene fusion filter element is made of fiber with polypropylene resin as raw material, and is bonded by the winding of the fiber itself. The structure of the filter element is thick outer fiber, fine inner fiber, loose outer layer, and tight gradient diameter of the inner layer. The unique gradient deep filtration has formed the effect of stereo filter slag, which is characterized by high porosity, high interception rate, large amount of pollution, large flow and low pressure drop. 2> the pore size of PP melt blown filter element is dense and uniform, and the filtration efficiency is high. Because the particles will Bridge in the pores of the PP fusion filter element, the particles smaller than the pores can also be blocked, and the filtration efficiency is more than 98%. PP fusion filter element has high cleanliness and no pollution to water quality. Corrosion of chemical reagents such as acid and alkali and organ
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