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Application rang of ultrafiltration system


The ultrafiltration system presses the raw water through a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, and then intercepts particles and impurities between 0.002 and 0.1 micrometer through the ultrafiltration membrane, and the ultrafiltration membrane allows small molecular substances and dissolved solids. (Inorganic salts), etc., but will effectively block colloids, proteins, microorganisms and macro-molecular organics.


Application characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane:


1. No qualitative changes will occur during the ultrafiltration process, and it can be operated stably at normal temperature;

2. The equipment is compact in structure, small in floor space and easy to operate;

3. The ultrafiltration separation process is simple and the equipment is highly automated;

4. Can classify different molecular weight substances;

5. It has strong applicability to water quality and a wide range of applications.


Application range of ultrafiltration system:


1. The terminal treatment of reverse osmosis pretreatment and ultrapure water in the preparation process of pure water and ultrapure water;

2. Industrial water used to separate bacteria, heat sources, colloids, suspended impurities and macro-molecular organics;

3. Drinking water and mineral water purification;

4.Concentration, purification and clarification of fermentation, enzyme preparation industry, pharmaceutical industry;

5.Juice concentration and separation; separation, concentration and clarification of soybean, dairy, sugar industry, alcohol, tea juice, vinegar, etc.;

6.Purification and recovery of industrial waste water and domestic sewage; recovery of electrophoretic paint.


Generally, the effect of ultrafiltration is to remove color without removing the salt. If the TDS is less than 300ppm, you can use ultrafiltration to make mineral water.


Ocpuritech recommends the most suitable solution for ultrafiltration system based on the water quality and water production requirements of your raw water.

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