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Automatic industrial softened water equipment operation will produce what fault?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-28
Automatic industrial softened water equipment operation will produce what fault? China's economic development and population growth, people for their quality of life, especially for the requirement of water quality is becoming more and more high, this is now a great concern of many people. Therefore, the existing automatic boiler softened water equipment can guarantee the quality of water directly. However better equipment in use for a long time after inevitably there will be some fault, in addition, due to the equipment structure is more complex, according to fault is also more complex. In order to better maintenance, we categorize equipment failure. Primary failure: usually refers to simple failure of automatic industrial softened water equipment. During maintenance, we usually do not need to be maintained. Only people need to site operation to repair the equipment failure. Common fault causes include blower, low oil temperature, dehydrator belt running deviation, low level of automatic equipment. If there is a level 1 failure to relevant personnel in does not affect the process of directing operation and maintenance. Secondary fault: when the fault occurs, the need for disassembly and maintenance, need to adjust the position or replacement parts. A common cause of failure including replacing electrical accessories, the overall replacement pump, replace the manual valve, etc. Maintenance personnel need to report to the department heads. Level 3 failure: this kind of situation is more serious. Under normal circumstances, people cannot complete mechanical maintenance, need to contact the relevant personnel or supplier for repair. Maintenance of automatic industrial softened water equipment fault classification, can effectively increase the equipment utilization and efficiency, better processing waste water problem. Why do companies can provide customers with high-performance equipment to use? At this point, we need to check the process of the company's products, to see if the company has a strong water treatment technical support. We need to understand how automatic industrial softened water equipment capacity, stable enough, customers are still use the company to upgrade product. If you can use the company's products for a long time, so the performance of the company's products won't be too bad. Product prices more transparent, there won't be random quotation. At the same time, we need to know the product price. The same configuration, performance and price often plays a big role. After-sales service, we need to look at the company's ability to provide perfect after-sales service, timely solve the problem of sewage treatment for the customer. Only good service can make customers feel more at ease. Excellent automatic industrial softened water equipment should be above, with the development of the market and the progress of technology, the advantages of good brand products.
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