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Automatic stainless steel water equipment at ordinary times what maintenance needs to be done?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-11
Automatic stainless steel water equipment is divided into pure water equipment, water tanks, ultrapure water device three parts. In which the amount of pollution due to the automatic pure water equipment for stainless steel processing most, so the more necessary for regular maintenance. If it is not maintained, will give the subsequent automatic stainless steel water equipment a tax increase. Even could pollute the water purification system. In order to be able to in keeping the stability of water quality under the premise of refined ultrapure water, work out a plan for the maintenance and regular maintenance to water purification system is very important. 1, the maintenance of ion exchange resin using ion exchange column, functional groups of ion-exchange resin inflow of ion replacement, ongoing removal ability is declining, so need to regular regeneration functional groups. The processing capacity of ion exchange resin ( Exchange capacity) Refers to the exchange of each 1 ml wet resin can replace the equivalent of ( The unit is MEQ/ml. Such as the exchange capacity of 1 meq/ml of ion exchange resin, can exchange about 50 g CaCo3. The hardness of water is 30 - in China 200 mg/f( Tap water quality standard for below 450 mg/l) 。 To launch, use 2 meq/ml of ion exchange resins 5 l, with China's tap water as water, theoretically calculated can handle thousands of litres of water. Can contain similar to Ca Co3 because water, carbonate salt and carbonate free outside, and some acidic organic compounds in the water will be attached on the surface functional groups of ion exchange resin, the resulting in a loss of exchange capacity. Generally speaking, can handle about 1, 000 [ 。 Around the water. Generally on ion exchange column with a conductivity detector, when the electrical conductivity increases by 1 & micro; S/cm, the new ion exchange column should be replaced. So when use, because the water quality is very different, pay attention to the changes according to the produced water quality change of ion exchange column. 2, maintenance of distiller in stills, hard water part of the boiler and heater due to water ( Mg, Ca, etc. ) Easy to produce scale. In order to get rid of the structure, it is necessary for boiler and heater with acid cleaning on a regular basis. Otherwise, as the structure to aggravate, will lower the heat exchange rate, and increase the consumption of electricity and water purification. And because of the different thermal expansion rate, may cause the damage of the heater, increased the cost of maintenance. In order to prevent the occurrence of these situations, in the first stage it is best to use the ion exchanger of distillation process, ion exchanger, of course, management is also very necessary. In addition, after being purified water production is stored in the tank of distiller, sometimes long after the use of the water tank internal corrosion formed by the microbial breeding. Therefore, it is necessary for same distiller water tank for regular cleaning. 3、RO- EDI way automatic pure water equipment maintenance prefiltering purification column, which are frequently used in general is given priority to with packed the purification of active carbon column, used to remove the larger particles and chlorine in water. Pre filtration purification column to remove power is low, only when the maintenance replacement of activated carbon, has good maintainability.
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