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Automatic water desalination equipment how to upgrade?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-24
Automatic water desalination equipment how to upgrade? Automatic water desalination equipment for a long time after use, the equipment has been old, compared with the new automatic water desalination equipment already can't satisfy the use demand now, then the automatic water desalination equipment can be upgraded, to meet the requirements of use, then automatic water desalination equipment to upgrade? 1, the output increase yield ascension is about the ultimate water rate of the whole equipment modification. This kind of situation is more suitable for enterprise product yield, water demand increase is not high, and quite a long time water can remain unchanged. Water rate raise need to a detailed analysis of the original equipment parts parameters, mastering all components of space and possibility. Such as preprocessing part now capacity can satisfy the requirement of water rate increase, the existing number of membrane whether meet the requirements of pipe diameter size and the system pressure is appropriate, and so on. 2, water quality improvement water quality improvement is to eventually produce water quality promotion of a complete set of equipment to meet the higher requirements for the transformation and upgrading of equipment. It is suitable for enterprises have higher requirements, the quality of product and have higher request for process water quality. 3, control system upgrade control methods used by some of the old equipment for manual control or semi-automatic control, increased management costs already so, also on the quality of the final water production instability formed more risk. Control system upgrades will be manual or semi-automatic control for automatic control, PLC and all kinds of automation instrument and system integration, high control precision, interface aesthetics, simple operation and convenient. By upgrading can make each performance of the equipment can satisfy the use demand now, also can save the cost of buying new equipment for the company. If you would like to know more, also can at any time consulting, Naomi environmental protection company, we will answer for you with all sincerity.
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