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Automatic water desalination equipment in the reverse osmosis membrane cleaning?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-05-20
Now, as you know, the lack of water resources in our country, bring some problems to the production of industrial, the automatic water desalination equipment will be bitter salt water into fresh water resources to satisfy the standard of industrial production water. Automatic water desalination equipment membrane cleaning frequency and the perfect degree of the pretreatment measures are closely related. Pretreatment, the more perfect, the longer the cleaning intervals, on the other hand, the pretreatment is simple, the higher the frequency of cleaning. As far as possible take measures before desalting rate displayed. Formal arrangements of protective maintenance cleaning does not do enough to protect the reverse osmosis system. Because the pretreatment equipment operation is not normal, for example, water conditions will change in a short period of time. Backwash to prevent larger particles to some type of reverse osmosis membrane plugging is effective. But not all of the pollution can be fixed by simple backwash can remove, also need to have a cycle of chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning in addition to the reagents and artificial cost may be increased, and the problem of pollution, so also not too often, every month should not be more than 1 - About 1 to 2 times, each time cleaning time 第2h。 Chemical cleaning system usually contains a chemical mixing tank and matching pump, mixer, heater, etc. Chemical cleaning is often depends on the operating experience ( According to each column equipment pressure drop curves of relationship between reading and running time, or on the basis of water rate, the pressure drop of fresh water and membrane, etc. ) 。 Reagents and methods used in the chemical cleaning, need to decide according to the sources of pollution. In order to guarantee effect, to wash before in the chemical cleaning. Rinse before step-down, with 2 - again Three times the normal velocity of water washing membrane, rely on fluid agitation to wash away dirt from the membrane stripping and. Then in view of the pollution characteristic, choice of membrane cleaning fluid for chemical cleaning. In order to protect the reverse osmosis membrane, liquid temperature no more than 35 ℃. If system outage 5 days or more, had better use formaldehyde putting-in-service proactively again after flushing. If the system outage two weeks or longer time, must be zero. In 25% formaldehyde, to prevent microbial growth in the film. Best chemical change once a week.
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