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AWE2019 hits wisdom + smart life

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-18

From March 14th to 17th, 2019, China Shanghai New International Expo Center will hold the 2019 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2019) as scheduled. There will be exhibits from all over the world and many Chinese brands. Artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and a lot of consumer electronics will be on display at this year's AWE2019 show. After the 2018 precipitation, smart appliances, smart home, smart travel, smart entertainment and smart + smart life will be the biggest hot spots during this exhibition.

I believe that for consumers, those technologies that can change their lives must be very exciting. At this AWE2019 exhibition, it is also the time for these technologies and smart products to break out. Let us now look forward to downloading the AWE2019 technology information that will make life more 'smart'.

Smart life dances with AI

At this AWE2019 exhibition, smart homes and smart homes under AI Fueng will be the areas with the closest contact with consumers. Whether it is a home appliance brand or a technology company, there has been no small layout in smart homes in these two years. In recent years, Haier has implemented intelligentization and built a complete intelligent home platform. Based on the cloud platform, interconnection, artificial intelligence, big data, excellent home APP, UHomeOS, Haiji network and Haier ecological resources covered by Haier U+ platform, Haier has built The world's first fully open, fully compatible, fully interactive smart life platform. In other words, in this smart home, you can feel the interaction between the living room and other smart home appliances, and even you can buy the ingredients you need to go out shopping in the kitchen. You can even lock in the smart door. Open the door for a friend when going to the toilet.

At the same time, many companies want to bring their own smart life ideas to the exhibition. At that time, you can see the refrigerator screen showing the visitors outside the door, call the sweeping robot to clean the whole house; you can see the interaction with the smart speakers. Turn on the water heater to adjust the temperature; you can even see the purchase of toiletries directly on the order, or chase the brush on the mirror during washing.

In this AWE2019, Haier will continue to enrich and improve the U+ smart life ecosystem to provide users with a smart life experience. Of course, in addition to Haier, there are many home appliance brands such as Skyworth, Hisense, and Samsung. Internet technology companies such as Huawei, Suning, Jingdong, and Graffiti will all showcase this at AWE2019, with AI and IoT as the core technologies. The home Internet appliance product matrix provides users with an integrated home Internet of Things experience with multi-screen and multi-terminal.

Keep improving for smart life

Of course, smart life will not only dance with smart homes and AI, but also many technology companies will continue to improve the smart home experience from the aspects of safety, comfort and convenience. For example, 360 will introduce new intelligent hardware products, including 360 smart doorbells, smart cameras and secure routing. It is reported that the 360 ​​smart doorbell combines AI face recognition, smart doorbell video and front door security monitoring to redefine the traditional doorbell. Supports visitor identification, abnormal push in front of the door, stay and alarm, remote video call, ultra-clear infrared night vision and other functions to make users more secure. The doorbell can also quickly and accurately identify family, friends and strangers through AI visual recognition technology that can be thought and learned, so that you can know the family's access and exit in the first time.

In addition, Westinghouse, Skyworth, Xiaomi and other brands also have smart door locks, cameras and other products that protect home security. Smarter security does play an irreplaceable role in smart life.

In addition, for the more convenient and comfortable smart living environment, many brands will continue to strive for excellence in this year's AWE2019. The COLMO's artificial intelligence integrated platform technology, which will appear at this exhibition, can empower COLMO appliances to provide consumers with easy-to-use, comfortable, healthy, nutritious and personalized home appliance experience, providing multi-modal interaction of artificial intelligence. Technology, the interaction between consumers and home appliances is more natural; the intelligent far-field intelligent interactive system SoundAI Azero1 combines full-chain far-field voice interaction and far-field real-time call technology, which can be widely used in smart speakers, set-top boxes, security, Smart cars, even children's smart toys, make people's interaction with the family more labor-saving.

Of course, there are many technologies indirectly serving smart life at this AWE show. Shanghai Blackbird's visual navigation module is a visual hardware component integrated with hardware and software. This module has a very rich application scenario and can be applied to all mobile robots. At present, the first major application scenario has been put into mass production, which is the home sweeping robot. The sweeping robot that installs the module can build a 3D map of the surrounding environment in real time, provide real-time sweeper coordinates, and support obstacle detection, making sweeping robots more convenient for cleaning home hygiene.

There are still many technologies and concepts that add color to smart life. I believe that at this AWE2019 exhibition, we can see more products that are closely related to our lives, and these products must have one feature - let life More intelligent, renewed 'Hui' students.

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