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better water quality for your family with reverse osmosis systems

by:Ocpuritech     2020-01-08
If you are considering installing a water purification system for your home cooking and drinking water quality requirements, you will not find a better device than the reverse osmosis system, which provides safe and delicious water without any smell.
We rely on private or public water sources for our daily needs.
Although the water treatment plant installed by the citizen\'s body cleans the water of the particles, it adds chemicals that kill viruses and bacteria.
These additives are also harmful to human beings.
The disadvantage is that the treatment plant cannot remove particles of dead bacteria, chemicals and industrial waste, and the number of these bacteria, chemicals and particles gradually increases in water resources.
In the end, all of this is passed on to us, so that we are at risk of disease.
Even having private Wells does not help because they are contaminated with the same chemicals, some of which have higher concentrations.
Excessive use of pesticides and herbicides from farms can pollute wells with viruses and harmful bacteria.
Residential reverse osmosis system
How do they work?
The pressure of a public water supply system or well to deliver water forces the molecules of the water to leave the chemical through a partial porous membrane and then be washed away.
The hole size on the membrane used for reverse osmosis system is 0.
0005 microns, just a little larger than the size of water molecules.
When water under pressure is forced through such a large pore, all contaminants are left and purified water is delivered to the tank.
The water containing all the contaminants cannot pass through the membrane and will eventually drop to the drain.
Reverse osmosis systems designed for home use can effectively clean water contaminated with dissolved minerals and heavy metals such as solids, lead, bacteria, chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc, viruses and other harmful industrial pollutants.
Installing a reverse osmosis system for the entire home would be a very expensive proposal.
Therefore, it is more practical to establish a system dedicated to home cooking and drinking the required water.
This smaller system can be installed under or above the counter and a separate faucet is fixed to supply water from your tank.
The filtration stage of the reverse osmosis system applied in China is equipped with a series of filters.
The system has a filter before the RO film.
It then has a filter that filters water into the water with activated carbon.
Terms of activation-
Carbon means that the carbon filter is chemically treated to enhance its absorption properties and filtration capacity.
Therefore, the water through this stage will be further filtered.
The water flowing out of the RO filter is stored in a built-in-In the tank.
When you turn on the faucet of the RO filter, the purified water contained in the tank passes through an additional carbon filter, called the Polish filter or the rear filter.
This filter further removes any residual smell or taste and only provides pure, clean and delicious water without any chemicals or other contaminants.
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