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Biopharmaceutical Chinese super pure water equipment of membrane cleaning?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-06
Biopharmaceutical Chinese super pure water equipment of membrane cleaning? As the severe water pollution phenomenon, widely used in biopharmaceutical biopharmaceutical pure water equipment to improve water quality, and biomedical pure water equipment, ultrafiltration membrane is the core of the equipment components, used in pure water equipment of biological pharmaceutical processing plant in the end. By ultrafiltration membrane is porous material, remove the impurities in the water, in the form of physical entrapment so ultrafiltration membrane to regular cleaning, to ensure the efficiency of ultrafiltration membrane, prolong the service life of ultrafiltration membrane. Below the ultrafiltration membrane cleaning steps. 1, 2, low preparation cleaning fluid flow input cleaning fluid: first mixed with clean water pump over the cleaning fluid, should with low flow preheating cleaning fluid. After 3, cycle: when the raw water is replacing, strong water piping should be in cleaning fluid, make cleaning fluid circulation water tank cleaning and cleaning fluid temperature constant. 4, soak: stop cleaning the operation of the pump, make membrane element completely soaked in the cleaning fluid. 5, high flow pump cycle: high flow can be cleaning fluid to clean down the pollutants washed away. 6, flush: timely cleaning ultrafiltration membrane to keep the work efficiency and service life of membrane, while the correct cleaning method can save time and reduce the membrane element in the process of cleaning damaged.
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