Can Aomi provide certificate of origin for ro machine manufacturer?
Yes, Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has obtained a certificate of origin for ro machine manufacturer. It is a must for us to conduct international trade transactions. The C/O proves that our product has met certain criteria to be considered as originating in China. The certificate is issued by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, which includes the product category, application range, as well as company information. With the certificate, we are able to settle up for the goods, and seek compensation.
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Aomi is the worldwide leading provider for water treatment systems and it has been around in the China market for decades of years. Various in styles, Aomi's seawater desalination can meet the needs of different customers. Bacteria cause food to spoil. To prevent the bacteria, Aomi reverse osmosis systems is exclusively developed with dehydrating function which is able to kill the bacteria while at the same time, retain the original flavor of the food. Water Treatment System can be very easy to maintain. The product has been extensively applied in many industries because it can replace human to finish the repeated, tedious, or even dangerous tasks. Easy installation can be guaranteed by Ocpuritech.
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We always consider that customers are the best resource for growing our brand awareness in a positive way. We attach great importance to customer experience and we will definitely spare no efforts to increase their satisfaction.

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