Can Hezhong filter be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
With a focus on Hezhong filter , Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers. Aomi's pressure filter is widely used in multiple industries and fields. Aomi's machinery is deeply favored by most customers for the following advantages: reasonable and novel design, compact structure, stable performance, and easy operation and installation. Aomi provides discounts for large purchases. Welcome to contact us! Various in styles, our company's water distributor can meet the needs of different customers.

What are the filter materials for air purifiers? Filter material for air purifiers,1. filter, activated carbon and hepa are also available here.2. negative ion type.3, light catalyst.From the filter raw materials of the air purifier,At present, there are only four kinds in the market.1. the first one is a coarse filter screen,The main material is generally stainless steel mesh;2. the second one is generally HEPA filter screen,But there's a difference between this,Like some companies,It uses the nc hepa filter,This is different from a separate HEPA filter,The air purifier used the eighth generation of nc hepa filter screen,The main material is nano-fiber carbon;3. The third is a composite filter screen,The main function is to remove harmful substances such as odor and formaldehyde,The main material is the gold fiber of hacf coconut shell;4. The fourth is the photo catalyst filter screen,The main role is to remove bacteria, viruses, mites, etc,The main materials are titanium dioxide and light catalyst formed

How to make a fish tank filter illustration? The fish tank filter is usually composed of two aspects: the running water pump and the filter material container,I don't know if your so-called self-made filter refers to the structure of the self-made filter container or does the pump have to be DIY together?1. filtering,Including the improved filter,Such as drip,Anti-gas lift water, etc.2. side filter,Back filter.3. bottom filter.4. bucket filter.5. internal filtration.6. filter of other types.Different types of filtering have their own advantages and disadvantages,It is also applicable to different feeding objects,Feeding methods.Let the answerer draw a diagram of each filtering method,That is, unnecessary,Not realistic either?Just indicate how large the cylinder is ready to be used,What fish are you raising,Others will recommend your more suitable filter system.The common filtering methods of fish tanks are as follows: 1. upper filtering,Including the improved filter,Such as drip,Anti-gas lift water,
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