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Causes and solutions for bacterial growth in PCB ultrapure water equipment?u200b

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-10
Causes and solutions for bacterial growth in PCB ultrapure water equipment? Author of the article: PCB ultra-pure water equipment performance and excellent water quality has been overwhelming majority of user acceptance, we all know, PCB ultra-pure water equipment after a long period of use, the inevitable question of bacteria occur, the growth of bacteria It will not only affect the water quality of the equipment, but also affect the equipment. So, how to prevent the growth of bacteria in PCB ultrapure water equipment?    1. The amount of sodium hypochlorite added should be adjusted according to the number of bacteria in the water source, except for the number of bacteria in the water source. In addition to the detection, the free chlorine at the inlet of the mixed ion exchange column should also be tested to prevent the free chlorine from exceeding the standard and affecting the normal operation of the resin.  2. Pay attention to the pollution of the water point cock. The cock with less frequency of use is likely to become the object of microbial contamination. Once contaminated, it cannot be restored to its original state if it is not flushed for a long time. 3. Commercially available sodium hypochlorite solution is easy to oxidize and decompose. If the use time is too long or the system will be out of service for a long time on holidays, in addition to draining water from the water tank to allow the reverse osmosis membrane to run for several hours at intervals to keep the system active, sodium hypochlorite should also be treated The solution should be replaced in due course.  4. The mixed ion exchange column usually adopts one-use and one-preparation. Bacteria can multiply rapidly in the static ultrapure water equipment. Usually, they are regenerated before the standby mixed bed is put into operation to ensure the sterilization effect.
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