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Causes of peculiar smell in purified water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2020-01-21
60% of the human body is made up of water. In recent years, with the improvement of modern people's health awareness, the utilization rate of purified water equipment is getting higher and higher. Many people have begun to learn how to develop the habit of healthy drinking water. However, many people still encounter various problems when using it. So today I will take you to analyze the main reasons for the peculiar smell of purified water equipment. 1. Bacteria breed in purified water equipment. Long-term use without disinfection, sterilization and cleaning, or long-term storage without use, bacteria in purified water equipment multiply in large quantities, and water will naturally produce peculiar smell. Especially in summer, the higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria multiply. 2. Activated carbon has failed. Activated carbon filter is the main system for absorbing peculiar smell of raw water, so once activated carbon fails, there will inevitably be peculiar smell, so we need to wash and replace activated carbon filter material regularly. What are the common problems in the use of purified water equipment? Pure water equipment is a very common equipment in life and production. It is a fine filtration equipment specialized in removing slag, bacteria and other metal substances in water. After the treatment of this equipment, minerals beneficial to human body are left, and some problems will inevitably occur in the process of using any product, then the following is an introduction to the analysis and treatment of common faults: 1. Water leakage occurs during operation, mainly because there are water leakage points in the waterway. Solution: check the waterway of the equipment for this fault and find the water leakage point; If it is not easy to find, it can be detected with dry facial tissue. 2. Regarding the noise problem, if the noise decibel is high in the production process, it is mainly due to the unstable placement of the equipment; We can correct it by adjusting the position of the machine. Another reason is that the compressor is not running normally; The raw water is not normal, because there is no water supply tower to supply water, so that gas is generated in the water; The raw water pipeline is cut off, causing the pressurized pump to idling, causing the water treatment equipment to produce high-decibel noise. Solution: regularly repair or replace the raw water pipe for this fault; Choose a relatively stable environment to place water treatment equipment; The compressor should be maintained regularly to ensure correct maintenance of the compressor; Install a water supply tower when supplying water to prevent a large amount of gas from being generated in the water. 3. The TDS value is too high. This kind of failure is mainly due to the long storage time of water in the water storage bucket; The rear activated carbon has not been cleaned. Solution: If this is the reason, the water in the water storage bucket should be discharged in time; The newly replaced activated carbon is cleaned. In fact, the significance of pure water equipment is to remove impurities in the water, so that the final water can reach the standard of raw drink, and retain the minerals useful to the human body in tap water. It is difficult to have some problems in the use process, as long as everyone pays attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, these common problems can be avoided and the service life can be prolonged. Aomi water purification equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and sales of supporting materials for water treatment equipment and industrial pure water equipment. The quality management system covers the whole process of research and development, design, production, sales, storage logistics and after-sales service of water treatment equipment from beginning to end. Timely sampling inspection, careful recording, finding problems and handling them according to regulations are the means for our team to implement the Enterprise Quality Management System and the premise for ensuring product quality.
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