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Daily industrial cleaning wastewater reuse equipment technical solutions to waste water is what?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-21
Daily industrial cleaning wastewater reuse equipment technical solutions to waste water is what? Along with the rapid development of industry, many industrial production will produce a lot of clean water, it will cost a lot of water resources, for the city, the more aggravated the contradiction of water shortage. And industrial cleaning wastewater containing oil, organic matter, the anion synthetic detergent, etc. A large number of pollutants. Now many businesses in the future to reduce water wastage, can choose industrial cleaning wastewater reuse wastewater treatment equipment, reduce the industrial waste water pollution is a very need to solve the problem. Industrial cleaning wastewater reuse equipment commonly used solution has the following kinds: 1, the traditional common precipitation process adopts the traditional process In addition to the oil - The processing technology of filter. Yes the mixed water, general industrial production wastewater composition is complicated water amount is relatively large. In this process, the settling tank, the role of the grille is mainly for industrial wastewater for the first time precipitation, will be drowned in the granular material in the settling tank, the water suspended solids are grille. Inclined plate separation tank is used to handle floating oil and precipitation of large particles, oil trap to collect floating oil are available, and delivery to the storage pool. After adjusted by adjusting the settling basin for water quantity and water quality, in the gas floating in the pool to remove emulsified oil and suspended solids in wastewater. The whole process of the sludge is transported to the dry sludge drying field. 2, electrolysis treatment of industrial wastewater in addition to using the traditional processing technology, and the biological contact oxidation pool and membrane filtration technology, there is no lack of the industrial wastewater by electrolysis method to deal with. 3, membrane bioreactor with a membrane bioreactor treatment of industrial production sewage and living sewage mixed into the sewage settling separation tank, remove the sewage in the proportion of the larger inorganic grit and oil for subsequent processing of membrane bioreactor, the main functions of the reactor in the membrane module is carried out on the sludge mixture spate separation, filter out the water after treatment. 4, - physical treatment method Physical treatment - membrane filtration method Membrane filtration method, is suitable for small and water quality change is big. Generally is to make sewage after a series of filter medium, make the sewage contains large part of particulate matter and organic material such as clay sand by filtering mechanism to remove. The filter medium used quartz sand, activated carbon, ceramic, etc. 5, coagulation - Precipitation ( Adsorption) - - - - - - Filter - Disinfection of industrial wastewater pollutants in state of suspension, emulsion, colloidal state and solution state, mainly colloidal particles of pollution and for 'formed by the surfactant emulsion. Coagulation can be compressed by electric double layer, and so on make the colloid stability off, make its forming floc precipitation, to remove purpose. The addition of powder activated carbon can be dissolving organic matter in waste water adsorption, make up for the coagulation to remove soluble organic matter of faults. Filtering can obviously reduce the effluent turbidity, are important measures to improve the quality of the output water. Finally, and stresses the disinfection to ensure water security, to achieve reuse.
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