Daily work requirements and maintenance of pure water treatment equipment in the electronics industr

Daily work requirements and maintenance of pure water treatment equipment in the electronics industry

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-26
Electronics industry, water treatment equipment daily job requirements and maintenance of the article: Now more and more serious environmental pollution, some of the electronics industry tap water is not up to the requirements, we will select electronics industry, water treatment equipment, pure electronics industry now More and more water treatment equipment is used by a large number of users. So how long is it appropriate for the pure water treatment equipment in the electronics industry to work every day? Let's analyze it for everyone. Introduction to the working hours of pure water treatment equipment in the electronics industry: 1 Do not enter the working state immediately when you start it in the morning, you need to warm up first, wait for ten minutes, and then operate. 2 After the device has been running for a period of time, the device will become hot. This situation is normal, but it is necessary to let the device take a short break at noon. 3 The better working time of the equipment is maintained at eight hours a day, ten hours is also possible, but the better running time is preferably 8 hours a day. In fact, everyone knows that no matter what products and machines need to be well maintained and maintained. Therefore, here I will tell you how we should maintain in daily life. 1. During the operation of the equipment, the operator strictly follows the operating procedure to open and close the equipment. 2. The operator should do more than two rounds of inspections a day to ensure that the equipment is operating normally. 3. Operators and maintenance personnel should always pay attention to keeping the equipment clean and tidy, eliminate dripping and leakage problems in time, and keep records of problems that cannot be solved in time, and solve them after research. 4. All water pipes and joints should be checked regularly for damage and looseness. In addition, take care to prevent freezing in winter. 5. Regularly check the operation of the water pump and high-pressure pump, and report any problems in time. 6. The operator should find out the cause immediately and report in time if the equipment is found to be abnormal. If in an emergency, take decisive measures. For faults that cannot be eliminated by themselves and the cause of the fault is not clear, the operator cannot blindly turn on the equipment. Unhandled problems should be carefully recorded and repaired by professionals. 7. Frequently check whether the electrical control box connector has fallen off or disconnected, and ensure the safety of electricity use. Nowadays, most users use pure water treatment equipment in the electronics industry continuously day and night, but in fact, this method is wrong. This kind of high-intensity use will seriously reduce the service life of the equipment. Its main feature is reverse The permeable membrane is clogged and the pre-treatment part of the filter material is not backwashed in time. For a long time, the pre-treatment part of the filter material fails and loses its working efficiency. Secondly, the PP cotton should be replaced in time. The membrane should be paid special attention in the daily use process, and the water production will drop , When the pressure in front of the membrane becomes larger, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer in time.
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