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Depth of garbage leachate treatment technology have?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-11
Depth of garbage leachate treatment technology have? Surging living garbage, waste generated in the living garbage leachate bring great harm to the environment, so the garbage leachate treatment is necessary, today take a look at what depth disposed of the rubbish leachate has technology. 1, photocatalytic technology in the technology just to ultraviolet light, electronic after uv irradiation, the reaction activity enhancement, causes cavitation, when there is a reducing agent or of the presence of oxidant, the holes on the surface of semiconductor for degradation of waste leachate. Research has shown that using zinc oxide and titanium oxide compound can produce good effects, including ph value smaller influence on the degradation of waste leachate effect. 2 using wet oxidation, wet oxidation technology for the treatment of waste leachate, environment temperature and pressure is higher, there is a certain air condition. If the environment temperature or pressure can not meet demand, can add a certain amount of catalyst in waste leachate, and in the case of a catalyst to join, produces fewer pollutants such as sulfur dioxide. 3, electrolytic treatment technologies in waste leachate insert the anode, the organic pollutants will be attached on the surface, water molecules due to the existence of current isolated hydroxyl ions, pollutants and hydroxyl ions react to remove pollutants. Garbage leachate matter in the electrolysis, formed the chlorate root of oxidant, such as oxidation to pollutants. To reduce energy consumption, in the process of electrolysis can join the chloride ion, or will reduce acidity. 4, membrane separation processing technology of membrane separation technology cost is higher, generally do not use in waste leachate treatment alone, but a combination with other methods. By using the principle of the filter is principle, after using this method can produce a very high concentration of contaminated liquid, the liquid is how to deal with a difficult problem, if to recharge, not only the conductivity increase, and the film would also reduce the service life. But this method can effectively remove the substances such as COD in waste leachate. What depth disposed of the rubbish leachate technology content will introduce you to here today, hope for your help. Deep treatment leachate can effectively protect the environment and give people a better home.
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