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Desalination, to soften and desalting what difference is there?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-12
Desalination, to soften and desalting what difference is there? Salinity refers to the ratio of the total dissolved solids in water and the water weight, usually in the water contained in grams per kg. Natural sea water carbonate hardness between 70 to 90 dh, but the hardness of our use of surface water shall not exceed 25 dh, so the water should pass to soften and fade after can be used by us. Then, softening and desalination desalination have what differentiation? Seawater desalination equipment simply saline water desalination, the most intuitive representation is to reduce the conductivity of water quality, mainly in order to reduce the salinity of the water. Desalination using seawater desalination produces fresh water, is to realize the water resource utilization of open source incremental technology, can increase the amount of fresh water, and is not affected by time and space and climate, can protect coastal residents drinking water and industrial boiler hydrate stable water supply. Commonly used methods include water freezing method, electrodialysis desalination method, distillation, reverse osmosis, the application of reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis method with its simple equipment, easy to maintenance and equipment advantages of modular quickly occupy the market, gradually become the most widely used method replacing distillation. Water softening water softening water softening as the name suggests that, had no direct connection with conductivity, mainly in order to reduce the hardness of water. Sea water contains large amounts of calcium, magnesium, sulfuric acid and bicarbonate ions, which makes the desalination process on the surface of the heat exchange tube wall or membrane that desalination device will have a hard scale CaSO4 and soft scale ( CaCO3 and Mg ( OH2) Formation, resulting in heat transfer efficiency and membrane flux is reduced, affect the normal operation of equipment. So in the preprocessing stage need to soften the water softening water equipment, remove the calcium and magnesium ions, this for long-term stable operation, the equipment are quite important to save energy and reduce the economic cost. The sea water desalination desalination is & other; Chemical salt & throughout; Removal method or process. Desalted crude fei said is & other; Salt & throughout; Removal method or process, the & other; Salt & throughout; Is a more broad & other; Chemical salt & throughout; More than the commonly used food & other Salt & throughout; , simply is to remove the ion of Yin and Yang in the water. Desalination produces fresh water, actually refers to is the seawater desalination. Through the above introduction, you must know the difference between the three, Mr M environmental water desalination processing company specializing in the supply ships, island and mobile portable desalination equipment production for many years, has a wealth of experience, is currently in venezuela, Cambodia and other countries have successful cases, more can keep an eye on this website.
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