Description of the characteristics of the process adopted by the zero-discharge equipment for wastew

Description of the characteristics of the process adopted by the zero-discharge equipment for wastewater in iron and steel plants

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-14
Process characteristics steel plant waste water zero-emission device using the instructions Author: Due to the low steel plant wastewater treatment efficiency, and properly handle the majority of untreated wastewater directly or indirectly discharged into a body of water, pollution of water resources, threat to human health. To treat wastewater from iron and steel plants, it requires iron and steel plant wastewater treatment equipment and zero discharge. So what are the characteristics of the zero-emission process? The analysis is as follows: 1. Full attention is paid to the pretreatment, which creates favorable conditions for the normal operation of the main process. 2. Using biological contact oxidation process as the main process, the treatment effect is stable and reliable. 3. The food sewage treatment equipment adopts a basin aerator and a new type of packing to reliably ensure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water and the holding and activity of microorganisms in the pool. 4. Zero discharge adopts coagulation air flotation, which can remove most of the suspended matter and organic matter while also removing most of the oil, making the pretreatment effect more perfect and providing a superior environment for the subsequent processing. 5. The process route is mature, reliable, advanced and reasonable. The environmentally friendly wastewater zero discharge company keeps moving forward with its good reputation. The love of new and old customers and all the employees of the company work together and work hard, and have achieved remarkable results.
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