Design advantages of water treatment equipment in Guangdongs environmental protection medical equipm

Design advantages of water treatment equipment in Guangdong's environmental protection medical equipment industry

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-08
Guangdong environmental protection medical device industry, water treatment equipment design advantages author of the article: Medical Devices medical equipment production is water, implantable medical devices, hospitals and other essential high clarity water sanitation, mainly used for cleaning and other health treatment, The water treatment process needs to meet the water quality standards for water for injection and pass relevant tests. This equipment adopts the most advanced two-stage reverse osmosis + EDI electro-deionization process to purify water treatment technology. It is used in conjunction with pre-pretreatment and uses the principle of reverse osmosis to effectively remove various salts and impurities in the water; it has advanced technology and production The advantages of stable water quality, simple operation, low operating cost, environmental protection and pollution-free, convenient maintenance, etc. Medical equipment water treatment equipment design advantages: 1. The system adopts all stainless steel configuration, stable operation, exquisite and beautiful, simple and convenient operation; 2. Equipped There is a purified water tank to prevent the equipment from being affected by the unstable tap water pressure; 3. Equipped with a sterile water tank for purified water, equipped with a pressure level gauge, rotating spray cleaning and air breathing device; 4. Equipped with a water tank inlet solenoid The valve is more stable than the conventional floating ball inlet valve; 5. It adopts two-stage reverse osmosis configuration to ensure the stable operation of the system to a greater extent; 6. It adopts imported Hyde energy ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis, high desalination rate, long service life, and operation Stable, energy consumption reduced by 20%; 7. Reverse osmosis through membrane design software and on-site operating experience, scientific configuration; 8. Equipped with a special concentrated water regulating valve, easy to operate; 9. Through professional technology to ensure that the EDI system shuts down for a short time or for a long time The water quality remains stable when the time is off; 10. Adopting CANPURE membrane stack, stable performance, long service life, continuous effluent water quality is stable without fluctuations, patented 'full-filled' concentrated water chamber, no need to add salt and concentrated water circulation; 11. Equipped with ozone sterilization ; More thorough cleaning; 12. Equipped with UV ultraviolet rays and membrane filters to prevent bacteria from affecting water quality; 13. With water-free protection and high and low pressure protection and other device safety functions; 14. The control system adopts PLC + touch screen fully automatic The main components are imported components, which are highly stable and easy to operate; 15. The main electrical components are French schneider, which is stable and beautiful; 16. The theme materials are all internationally renowned brands in the industry, with quality and quantity guaranteed, and better configuration Design; 17. Equipped with purified water delivery and water supply system; 18. Equipped with electric heating and disinfection system; 19. Equipped with TOC remover and TOC online detector. The above is the relevant content introduced by the editor in detail, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you still have questions you don’t understand, you can call to consult the environmental protection integrated sewage treatment equipment company to answer in detail for you.
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