Discussion on the technical route of zero discharge of high-salinity wastewater from power plants-Oc

Discussion on the technical route of zero discharge of high-salinity wastewater from power plants

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-26
The authors explore the high salinity power plant technology roadmap wastewater zero emissions: our country is a serious shortage of water resources and uneven distribution of the country, with the deepening of the process of industrialization, the state and society on environmental protection requirements will be increasingly high, the power The pollutant discharge of the industry has also put forward higher requirements. The comprehensive utilization of wastewater from power generation enterprises and 'zero discharge' have become one of the topics of concern in the environmental protection field. Comprehensive utilization means that on the basis of the establishment of a water management system in the whole plant, various technical means are fully utilized to maximize the cascade use, treatment and reuse of water resources in the power plant, and to minimize waste water discharge. Zero discharge refers to The power plant does not discharge any waste water to external waters. The main factor restricting the zero discharge of wastewater is the high salt content in the wastewater. On the one hand, the direct application of high-salinity wastewater has little usefulness in all systems of power plants; on the other hand, it is difficult to reduce the salt content and realize full recycling based on the existing wastewater treatment methods of power plants. 'Zero emission technology' is not a single technology, but an organic integration of a series of water treatment technologies, which should form a comprehensive technology and process route. Zero discharge treatment technology for high-salinity wastewater To achieve zero discharge of wastewater, the key is to realize the full recovery of high-salinity wastewater. In essence, it is necessary to realize the separation of water and salt in wastewater. The following introduces several high-salinity wastewater treatment processes. The comprehensive utilization and zero discharge of fresh water resources in power plants cannot be achieved by a single water treatment technology. Instead, a systematic technical route needs to be developed based on the characteristics of various salty wastewater in power plants to classify and treat wastewater by level. The high-concentration and high-concentration treatment technology of high salt water is the key link to achieve zero discharge in the whole plant. From the current situation, the disc tube type reverse osmosis DTRO membrane + evaporative crystallization has been very mature. This process route has medium investment, low operating cost, and degree of automation. The higher comprehensive advantage is the use of more technical routes. At present, there are already ten cases of successful operation of equipment in China, and it is estimated that 50-100 power plants will adopt this process next year. The zero discharge of environmentally friendly electronics and semiconductor wastewater has been widely used in the electronics, chemical, medical, automotive, food, biological, laboratory and other industries across the country. We have rich engineering experience and not only provide customers with targeted program design and improvement The technical support of the company, and standardized construction management, professional technical support.
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