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Disposed of the rubbish in the process of leachate will appear what problem?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-13
Disposed of the rubbish in the process of leachate will appear what problem? Disposed of the rubbish leachate has long been a problem in society, we in the treatment of waste leachate according to the characteristics of landfill leachate in the process of choosing reasonable technical configuration, in order to achieve better application effect. Today, to introduce the treatment in the process of waste leachate will appear what problem? 1 engineering practice has proved that the concentrated solution, such as landfill, evaporation and concentrate injection incineration treatment methods, such as it is not feasible, the solving measures are taken to urban sewage treatment plant, but can't concentrate on the degradation of the pollutants in truly effective, therefore must concentrate processing, making the standard after discharge. 2, most of the odor leachate treatment station is located near the landfill site, due to the surrounding environment condition is bad, and also far away from downtown, odor pollution did not cause enough attention, a lot of garbage leachate treatment station built deodorization facilities, sends out the smell great influence on the surrounding environment. To protect the environment, deodorization facilities should be synchronous with the leachate treatment facilities construction, and should meet the requirements of related emission standards at the same time. 3, high sludge due to the leachate pollutants concentration, leachate treatment station usually produce considerable sludge, mostly sent to landfill landfill after dehydration of sludge treatment. In fact after dewatering sludge moisture content is 80%, mostly to reach into the landfill, the demands of moisture content of sludge more directly to the landfill, sludge injection have bigger influence on the landfill site. In order to guarantee the normal use of landfill, sludge into the landfill must meet the landfill standards before landfill treatment. 4, many noise leachate treatment engineering tend to ignore the influence of noise, noise reduction measures has been taken, the noise exceeds bid badly. A normal leachate treatment station, the noise must meet the requirements of related standard.
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