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Do you know the coal power plant wastewater treatment consists of which process?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-29
Do you know the coal power plant wastewater treatment consists of which process? Due to coal power plant waste water treatment is wanton emissions in recent years, environment pollution is serious. If not to run, coal power plant wastewater treatment will be damage the environment, pollution of water resources. And coal waste water is composed of different molecular weight hydrocarbons and non-metallic derivatives of dark brown complex mixture, occurring in the process of production in coal power plant waste water turbidity stunk, not only contains many harmful substances. Aiming at the existing problem of the waste water, the existing a coal power plant wastewater treatment process, the purpose is through the planning and design of wastewater treatment facilities and systems, improve coal plants the removal rate of SS and COD in waste water treatment, to the discharge standard, reduce the pollution of the environment. Coal power plant wastewater treatment process steps are as follows: 1, coal power plant wastewater treatment through campus network collected into wastewater treatment system, first through ascension into the adjustment in addition to remove the oil slick in the waste water and mud tank, floating mud into the sludge treatment system. 2, adjust the oil removal tank water then themselves go into the loading after coagulation degreaser further remove free of soluble oil. 3, load, coagulation degreaser water into the neutralization pond, according to the raw water quality to adjust pH value, and then enter the balanced pool to adjust water quality, water quantity of wastewater, and removal of sulfide. 4, the balanced pool wastewater through the coagulation flocculation air floatation pool adopting physical - Chemical method to remove oil and suspended solids into A/O biological pond and activated sludge method is used to remove BOD5, CODCr and NH3 - N, in the second pond for solid-liquid separation. 5, and the second pond, the water entering the high-efficiency clarifier physical - Chemical processing, to remove residual suspended solids and organic matter in water, the water in the top part of ozone touch the biochemical COD into biochemical COD, not at the same time reduce the amount of COD, and then through the aeration biological filter to remove BOD. 6, part of the aeration biological filter water by ozone after touch the further reduce the COD amount after back again into the aeration biological filter to biodegradation of organic matter, the aeration biological filter backwash wastewater is collected and sent to the backwash waste water storage tank, aeration biological filter all of the water pollutant indexes generally can reach discharge standard collection to clear water reserviors. This is information about the coal power plant wastewater treatment process steps, hope to help you, want to learn more about wastewater zero discharge of industry technology, pay attention to our website, there are new information updated every day!
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