Does Filter equipment have warranty period?
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Is the pipe type water filter useful? Filter is useful, but look at what form of filter selection filter method, 1, is a single physical filter, the higher the filter accuracy, the better the effect of filtering, that is, the impurities that can filter multiple large particles are Micron, (the smaller the Micron, the higher the filtration accuracy), in one unit, how many items (the higher the accuracy of the larger the target unit ), of course, it is better to filter the filter with activated carbon in it. this is physical filtration, but the current reverse osmosis filter is still better. It's a filter of several levels. This filter is better to choose. it can cost a lot less to change the filter element. 2. Generally speaking, chemical filtration requires the addition of a cation to replace minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron ions in the water, so that after the filter, the water becomes a pure water without minerals, there is no nutrition in this water. it is not recommended. chemical filtration s

Why does the water filtered by the water purifier have white floats? The water filtered by the water purifier appears white floating objects because there is always pressure inside the system, and the gas molecules cannot be released. when this water outflow system, the pressure on the gas molecules suddenly disappears, so it expands into a white floating object that can be observed by the naked eye.First, the so-called white floating objects appear. when the amount is large, there will be a large number of small bubbles pouring out, and the water body will appear milky white, and then gradually disappear. This is a normal pure physical phenomenon and will not affect the drinking of pure water.Two, the membrane protection solution in the filter element of the water purifier can be washed for a few minutes to ten minutes after installation. you don't have to worry that the water of the water purifier is not clean, because there is no same material used in the water purifier that is harmful to people's h

How to deal with hospital sewage? The hospital sewage not only contains organic pollution, but also causes physical and chemical indexes such as BOD5, cod CR and SS to exceed the standard,It also contains some special pollutants,Such as drugs, disinfectant, diagnostic agents, detergents,A large number of pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and various viruses,Such as Ascaris eggs, hepatitis virus, tuberculosis and dysentery.If any of its emissions,Will inevitably pollute the water source,Spread disease.So,In accordance with national laws and regulations and out of responsibility for public safety,It is imperative to establish hospital sewage treatment facilities,Very necessary.Hospital sewage treatment purpose,It is to remove physical and chemical indexes such as BOD5, cod CR and SS in sewage and germs and viruses,To achieve environmental protection,To achieve ecological balance,It is conducive to human physical and mental health.Commonly used hospital sewage treatment is mainly divided into two ways: no
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