Does Sample gas filter have agents in foreign countries?
Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. aims to be the first company to break into emerging markets. Welcome to visit our factory! The Domestic Quality Manufacturer of Sample gas filter Supported by advanced technology, Aomi has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of water distributor, as shown in the following aspects. Aomi is committed to producing quality Sample gas filter and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

How to detect clean room using dust particle counter? For efficient filters installed at the end of the delivery and exhaust,Filter mounting frame and full-section leak detection by dust particle counter scanning method.The scanning method has two methods: the leak detection method (luminosity method) and the particle counter method with the minimum sampling amount of 1L/min.For ultra-efficient filters,The scanning method has two methods: condensation counter method and laser particle counter method.Please refer to international standards (ISO-14644) the particle counter is developed from a microscope,Experienced the process of microscope, settling tube, settling instrument, centrifugal settling instrument, particle counter, laser air particle counter, PCS nano laser air particle counter,Among them, because the laser air particle counter has the advantages of fast test speed, wide dynamic distribution, and no human influence,And become the mainstream products in many industries in recent years.For example, th

Which is good with the built-in filter? The key to keeping good fish is filtering,And filtering is mainly to filter the fish,The toxins in the water are produced by fish.The fundamental purpose of Fish Culture filtration is to remove the ammonia poison produced by the fish in the water body.This can only be done by biological filtration.At present, the general aquarium filtration system is mainly filter, drip flow, bottom filter, filter bucket, side filter and back filter,The forms of these filtering systems are different,But it's essentially the same,All of them are filtration systems for cultivating nitrobacteria outside the cylinder.That is to say, the fish must be extracted into those filters before they can be nitrated,Can also remove the ammonia of the fish.These filtration systems need to flow through the cylinder to pump most of the fish into the filter,Usually, it is necessary to cooperate with the wave pump,When the wave pump works, the fish will float the whole fish tank,And it takes time to filter
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