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durable ro water system wholesale for agriculture

durable ro water system wholesale for agriculture

Durable ro water system wholesale for agriculture

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NO.9A, Building A8,Dongxiang Lianfa Industrial Park, Nanpu Village, Luopu Street, Panyu District ,Guangzhou
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Water tank
Water Purification
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14 Days
Raw water TDS
Tap Water
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Availability: OEM
Delivery Time: 14
Start Port: Guangdong
Supply Ability: 500
Enterprise Strength
  • Aomi carries out the service model of 'standardized system management, closed-loop quality monitoring, seamless link response, and personalized service' to provide comprehensive and all-around services for consumers.
Product Details
Aomi adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of Seawater Desalination deionized water system. Seawater Desalination deionized water system, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.
Company Advantages
1. Various cutting-edge technologies are used in Ocpuritech ro water system . It is developed under the concept of machine vision technology, C++ program, PLC principles, CNC technologies, and so on.
2. Products must be inspected through our inspection system to ensure that quality meets industry requirements.
3. The product is designed to efficiently produce high quality purified water that can be used for drinking water operations or any operation calling for pure clean water.
4. The product only consumes little power energy. There is only a little increase in costs no matter how much water is used.


   RO Pure Water Equipment technology is the most advanced and energy-saving effectively membrane separation technology. When under the action of osmotic pressure. Other substances can’t through the semipermeable membrane except water. The reverse osmosis membrane aperture is very small ( only for 10 or so), therefore it can effectively remove the salt, colloid, microbial organisms in water ( removal reaches as high as 99 percent ).


  Domestic Reverse Osmosis 75GPD Water Purifiers, could produce drinking water for 3-6 people in a family. It can be hung on the wall, both be placed under the sink. We support 5-7 stage Reverse Osmosis System. And this product is apply to personal, company, factory, food, beverage, medicine, electronics, chemical industry, hollow equipment, cleaning glass, micro electronic industrial equipment, pure water, home and school direct drinking water.

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1. PP10''   2. GAC 10''   3.  CTO 10''   4.  RO membrane (vontron)   5.  T33 filter 6.  High pressure pump -Model 50G   7.  3.2 gallon pressure tank 1pcs   8.  other piping and fitting 1lot

Item No.


Service life




3-4 months

Can effectively filter rust, sand, other larger particles and solid impurities



3-4 months

Can  adsorbe the organic matter, chemical pesticides, residual chlorine and peculiar smell in water



3-4 months

Can effectively adsorb chlorine, humus,
disinfection by-products,odors, colors, and other material,ssuspending particles


RO membrane

18-24 months

can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residues, and other harmful substances



3-4 months

adsorb the odor and adjust the taste



18-24 months

effective sterilization algaecide; decompose ozon; remove organic carbonchlorine, chloramine


Medical stone

3-5 months

Provide more than 30 kinds microelements to human body, such as selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium, etc


1. We supply full complement of accessories.

2. The PP filter cartridge must food grade.

3. Water Purification rate reach 99%. It can be drunk at ease.

4. We support 5-7 stage Reverse Osmosis System.

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Ocpuritech after-sales service

1) We can provide the machine manual and ask our engineer to arranging installation if you need in order to solve the after-sales problem.

2) This RO machine has passed CE certification to ensure that the products sold are healthy, safe and comply with environmental protection standards.

3) We provides a styrofoam cushion to protect each machine,  which can be suitable for long-term sea transportation.

4) The fast delivery date can be reached within 1-2 weeks.

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Company Features
1. Focusing on development and production of ro water system , Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is globally known in this industry.
2. In the past years, our company has received several design & innovation awards as well as several top rankings such as one of “Provincial Best Business of the Year”.
3. Paying more attention to the implement of water treatment companies is very important for the popularity of Ocpuritech. Get info! We will seize any possible opportunity to improve and optimize our service for mineral water plant . Get info!
The design of water treatment companies has been a focus in the field to become more competitive. The product is breathable, which removing the foot sweat out
A good design of mineral water plant is a icing on the cake in Ocpuritech. The product offers enough room for the feet to stretch freely
Ocpuritech mineral water plant benefits from a higher level of attention of detail. The product keeps the feet dry and protects feet from moisture and frostbite
Ocpuritech ro water plant price was born out of innovation and curiosity. The product is not likely to gather bacteria
The design of Ocpuritech ro water system caters to the foreign markets. The product can evenly distribute weight and keep wearers from feeling too much pain in a certain area
The product is of good quality and excellent performance. The product is soft with good elasticity
Superior performance and long service life make the products competitive. It is best known for its abrasion resistance
This product has high performance and good durability. It's less likely to restrain movement and cause joint injury
The product is guaranteed to the product is 100% qualified as all defects have been eliminated in our quality control procedure. The product is anti-slip, offering the desired safety for wearers
The implementation of the quality control system ensures the product to be defect-free. The product is designed based on the ergonomics and the foot structure
The product meets strict quality standards.
The product is especially suitable for people who need to stand up for long hours throughout the day. It provides maximum comfort. It has been sold to many noted Australian boots brands
Part of the job of this product is to absorb impact as people walk. It has enough padding and allows for an even stride. The product has a remarkable hand touch feel
The product makes sure people's feet stay healthy and safe from rocks, glass, and sharp objects when people are walking. The product has a remarkable hand touch feel
The product has a proper width as well as length. I feel not squeezing when wearing it. - Said one of 0our customers. The sheepskin and fleece materials will not harm sensitive skin or cause any reactions
One of the customers said: 'when I bought this product, I've checked it on the sole which is sturdy enough to provide protection from sharp objects.' The product is lightweight and causes no heavy burdens for wearers
This can help reverse and eliminate many foot conditions, helping reduce many aliments and regulate posture over time, especially for chronic conditions. The product gets recognition from clients of Australia, the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, and so on
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