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EDI is a water purification system that relies on electricity to remove ionic impurities from water into a concentrate water stream. In the process, ion exchange resins do not need to regeneration-via acid or alkali. This new technology could replace traditional Electrode ionization (DI) equipment, produces ultra-pure water whose resistance can reach 18microns. Electrodeionization is really a water therapy technology which uses power, ion exchange membranes and membranes to Deionized water and also different dissolved ions (impurities) out of the water. It is different from additional water purification technologies for the reason it is completed without using chemical treatments and can be quite a shining treatment to reverse osmosis (RO). Additionally, there are EDI components which are frequently known as continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) as the household energy regenerates the resin mass always. CEDI technique can reach rather large purity, together with conductivity below 0.1 µS/cm. Recently, Argonne National Laboratory developed an activity named Resin-Wafer Electrodeionization (RW-EDI) that utilizes a distinctive porous resin wafer mildew created from trapped loose ion exchange resin beads. The resin wafer material enriches mass transport between solid (resin bead) and liquid (feed solution) stages to attain high durability, especially if treating low or [inch] brackish-water.

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