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Electroplating wastewater using what parsing process 'level 3'

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-18
Electroplating wastewater by what process 'level 3' in the field of environmental protection of there are many different kinds of wastewater treatment process, for different water quality, we have different wastewater treatment processes. At the same time, there are a lot of professional terms, the next is to tell you about wastewater tertiary treatment process & other; Level 3 & throughout; What is the meaning. Wastewater treatment is a systematic project, the removal of pollutants in water usually is the outcome of combined action of many kinds of mechanism. Tertiary wastewater treatment equipment process points: primary treatment: through mechanical processing, such as grating, precipitation or air float, removal of waste water in the rocks, sandstone and fats, oils, etc. Secondary treatment, biological treatment, wastewater pollutants in under the action of microorganism degradation and transformation of sludge. Tertiary treatment: the depth of the waste water treatment, it includes the nutrient removal and by chlorine or ozone, ultraviolet radiation technology on wastewater disinfection. May according to the process of target and the different water quality, some of the wastewater treatment process is not contain all of the above process. 1, the primary treatment ( Mechanical processing) Mechanical (: Level 1) Processing stages including grille, settling pool, pond, etc. At the beginning of structures, to remove large particles and suspended solids, for the purpose of the principle of processing is by physical method to realize the solid-liquid separation, separate the pollutants from wastewater, this is a widely used way of wastewater treatment. 2, secondary processing ( Biochemical treatment) : belong to secondary treatment wastewater biochemical treatment, to remove heavy suspended solids and solubility biodegradable organic matter as the main goal, the process form is varied, can be divided into a biofilm and activated sludge method ( AB method, method of A/O and A2 / O process, SBR, oxidation ditch) Stabilization pond method, land treatment method and so on the many kinds of processing methods. 3, tertiary treatment, Deep processing) : tertiary treatment is to the depth of the water treatment, the wastewater treatment process, after secondary treatment is the highest sewage treatment. The wastewater treatment plants in our country now is not much practical applications. It will be through secondary processing water denitrification and dephosphorization process, using activated carbon adsorption and reverse osmosis method to remove the residual pollutants in the water, using ozone or chlorine disinfection kill bacteria and viruses, then treated water into ZhongShuiDao, pour out as flush toilets, spraying streets, green belts, industrial water, fire water, etc.
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