Expert Weapon: Select the three steps required by high-quality industrial fully automatic purified w

Expert Weapon: Select the 'three steps' required by high-quality industrial fully automatic purified water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-27
Expert Weapon: automatic selection of high-quality industrial purification 'trilogy,' The authors water equipment needed: With my country's rapid industrial development, water pollution along with industrial production growing and gradually improve people's health awareness, many industrial water The quality is not up to the standard, and it is necessary to purchase industrial fully automatic purified water equipment to maintain normal production. However, some consumers are unable to buy high-quality industrial fully automatic purified water equipment due to lack of relevant professional knowledge, especially now that there is a mixture of fish and fish in the market, it is even more difficult to start. In this regard, experts in industrial automatic purified water equipment remind consumers to choose three points: brand, technology and service. One step: check whether there is authoritative certification. According to the statistics of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, there are currently more than 3,400 domestic water purification product manufacturers, but only more than 900 manufacturers have production licenses. The well-known purification brands in the country are one of the few. In addition, the concept of purification market continues, ultrafiltration purified water equipment, water softening equipment, reverse osmosis water purification equipment, nano energy water purification equipment... all kinds of water purification terms dazzle consumers, and most of them claim to have the latest water purification technology achievements, prices It also ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. In this regard, environmental protection suggests that consumers should try to buy water purification products of well-known brands. Such products have been appraised by the national health technical supervision department, and meet the relevant national water quality standards for water purifiers, and the quality is more reliable. The author has learned from the market that most of the mainstream water purifiers in the market currently have certifications provided by authoritative departments. The well-known brand of purified water equipment has also passed the test of the world's most authoritative organization, the National Sanitation Foundation, and obtained the NSF/ANSI61 standard. certificate. Experts said that consumers can rest assured to buy this kind of purified water equipment on the market. Step 2: Check whether the filter element technology is reliable. 'The key component that determines the effect of purified water equipment is the filter element. The core issue is whether the filter element technology is reliable.' Xiaobian just said that consumers often ignore whether the filter element technology is when purchasing purified water equipment. Reliable question. At present, there are three mainstream water purification technologies in the market: RO reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration. The filter diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0001 micron, the filter diameter of the ultrafiltration membrane is 0.01 micron, and the filter diameter of the microfiltration membrane is 0.1 micron. . These three water purification technologies can filter out 100% of bacteria, but the ultrafiltration membrane technology can also retain trace elements that are beneficial to the human body in the water, which is welcomed by consumers. At present, there are many purified water equipment using ultrafiltration membrane technology in the market. The most popular is the ultrafiltration machine. This brand of purified water equipment adopts the PVC alloy ultrafiltration membrane technology, which has large water purification flux, low energy consumption, and low energy consumption. It has the advantages of strong anti-pollution ability, low production cost and long service life. Three steps: check whether to provide professional system services. The editor just reminded consumers that in the process of purchasing purified water equipment, merchants with high-quality services will provide consumers with personalized water purification solutions for the industry; after-sales, they will also be replaced regularly Filter elements, but it is difficult for ordinary water purification brands to provide systematic and professional services. In fact, purified water equipment is a typical maintenance small household appliance. The most important thing in the service of purified water equipment is to replace the filter element. The purified water equipment is used for a long time and the filter element is easy to be blocked by various impurities, which will cause the purified water to be polluted again. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time or routine maintenance is not carried out, it will cause great pollution to drinking water, even worse than unpurified water. It can be seen how important the daily maintenance team is for purified water equipment, so choose A big brand with perfect after-sales service is very necessary.
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