Factors influencing the integration of RO pure water equipment, the quality of the output water is w

Factors influencing the integration of RO pure water equipment, the quality of the output water is what?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-11
Integration of RO pure water equipment has been widely applied as a water treatment equipment, has the very high popularization value. We all know that is unreasonable, storage and distribution are likely to lead to the integration of RO pure water equipment, the quality of the output water drops. Today we share are the influencing factors of integration of RO pure water equipment, water quality, specific as follows: 1, the packet: because in ultrapure water dissolved ion concentration is very low or even no, like this ultrapure water easily absorb ionic contaminants from the environment. Plastic and glass manufacturing water container will be dissolved ions and organic matter, increase the electrical conductivity of water, water quality deterioration. Therefore it is recommended to use low dissolution of senior polyethylene water container. 2, vent: most of the water storage device has an outlet for air during the period of water circulation. Vent in outside air into the CO2 in the air at the same time, bacteria, particles and volatile organic compounds, these will be stored in a tank of water pollution. Thus vent should configure air filter to prevent organic matter, bacteria and CO2 into the tank. 3, design: in the process of cleaning, can not be flat bottom tank temperatures. These failed to drain the water is a source of bacterial growth. Therefore recommend the use of conical bottom of tank to drain all the water. Tank should adopt the way of blow molding production, in order to prevent the uneven surface for bacteria to grow. 4, distribution: good distribution pump should be in the case of continuous work 10 hours don't cause the rise of temperature, the rise of temperature for the growth of bacteria. 5, disinfection: even the smallest microorganisms, after growth can also form a biofilm, deteriorating water quality. So the installation of a disinfection modules can inhibit the growth of the bacteria is very important. Understand the factors affecting the water quality of integration RO pure water equipment, can help us in the process of application can be very good to avoid these factors. When we use integration RO pure water equipment must do a good job in ultrapure water storage to avoid unnecessary waste. The above is the factors affecting integration RO pure water equipment, water quality, welcome to see.
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