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Features and components of industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-24
Part of the industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment characteristics and equipment Author: EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment industry provides a lot of protection for our drinking water and industrial production, processing it through the water, whether tap water or mineral water lake The water can be consumed directly by us, without additional treatment and processing. The reason why industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment can be used by us with such confidence is because its internal structure and water treatment system are worthy of our rest assured use. Environmental protection will popularize knowledge for everyone, and what are the most basic components of industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment. Industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment will be used in industrial production and cleaning processes, mainly to treat production water. The equipment adopts reverse osmosis technology, a physical filtration method that can be carried out at room temperature, no phase change occurs during the water purification process, the activity of the substance is retained, and the colloid, bacteria, organic matter, and salt in the water can be removed. The salt rejection rate of the reverse osmosis membrane is very high, almost reaching 100%, so the water conductivity after treatment by the pure water equipment is low. The control method of the pretreatment system is fully automatic, which reduces labor intensity and achieves unmanned management. A booster pump is used in the system. Generally, the booster pump is imported, which has the characteristics of high working efficiency and low noise. It can provide pressure for the water inlet of the system and make the water purification process better. First, the water enters the industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment. The first thing to be treated is the pretreatment equipment. In the pretreatment equipment, the activated carbon filter device, the precision filter device, the quartz sand filter device, etc. constitute the pure water equipment. The pretreatment device is designed to remove sand, rust, pigment, impurities, and organic matter in the raw water, and to minimize the residual ammonia value of the water and the harmful substances polluted by pesticides. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the water softener to prevent the excessive calcium and magnesium ion content in the raw water, protect the reverse osmosis membrane of the subsequent stage from being damaged by large particles, and increase the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. After the pretreatment equipment, the next entry is the fine filtration equipment. The fine filtration RO membrane element is an important part of the secondary reverse osmosis host. Our company’s products mainly use imported ultra-low pressure polyamide composite membranes, which have low working pressure. The water production is large. The desalination rate is high, and the use margin is very large, even if it is used for one year, the designed water output can be reached. The temperature of the water produced by this reverse osmosis host is 25°C, the water utilization rate is as high as 75%, and the total desalination rate is greater than 98%. Some electrical appliances use imported components and have a very long life. The last thing that is needed is cleaning and sterilization equipment. The ozone generator is widely used in the production of pure water, which can prevent the stagnant water in the pipeline and the growth of bacteria. Long-term use of reverse osmosis membrane elements will cause certain pollution, like the reproduction of bacteria and viruses. In this way, the water output of the device will decrease and the desalination rate will be reduced. If equipped with this system, it can be used to clean the reverse osmosis element and restore its previous normal work. The above are the main components of industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment. After these parts of treatment, users who use industrial EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment must pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance during use, and regularly check the filter element. Wait for the equipment to be replaced. As a professional manufacturer of pure water equipment, environmental protection has strong economic strength and advanced production technology to ensure the production quality of the equipment.
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