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Features and design principles of small reverse osmosis equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-28
Features and design principles of small-scale reverse osmosis equipment article: In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, reverse osmosis equipment demand is also increasing, especially small reverse osmosis equipment. So, what are the design principles and characteristics of small reverse osmosis equipment? Today, the environmental protection customer service will introduce to you. 1. Principles of reverse osmosis equipment design:   1. The quality of the produced water and water supply should be responsible for the relevant national standards;   2, the times and technology are advanced, and some parts of the equipment should be appropriately forward-looking;   3. Materials and new equipment must keep pace with the times under the premise of ensuring quality;    5. The operating costs of equipment must be controlled. 2. Equipment system performance characteristics:   1, the main parts of environmentally friendly reverse osmosis equipment are imported, and the performance is reliable;   2, the water permeation rate per unit membrane area is fast, the salt rejection rate is high;   3, the mechanical strength is good, the compaction effect is small;   4, chemistry Good stability, resistant to acid, alkali and microbial attack;   5, the equipment has a long service life;   6, the pre-treatment system can protect the host high-pressure pump and the reverse osmosis membrane from being damaged by hard objects. The low-pressure switch device protects the high-pressure pump from damage due to the stop of the water supply;   7, advanced membrane protection system, when the equipment is turned on, the device automatically issues the command to flush the membrane, and the desalinated water automatically flushes the dirt on the membrane surface to reduce pollution Speed, long membrane life;   8, low pressure polyamide composite membrane, low operating pressure, ensuring the high efficiency of the system and reducing operating costs;   9, product water, concentrated water, with flowmeters to monitor and adjust the water output system Water utilization rate, through reasonable process design, the water utilization rate is high 10, the product water online conductivity meter continuously monitors the product water quality.  11. Water inlet and drainage pressure sensor, online monitoring of reverse osmosis membrane pressure difference, prompt cleaning time, and design a membrane cleaning system.   The above are the characteristics and design principles of small reverse osmosis equipment. If you don’t understand, please consult our technical staff. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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