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Features and functions of ultrapure water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-19
Features ultra-pure water equipment and the role of the article: In recent years, with the wide application of ultra-pure water equipment, appeared on the market a lot of brands. But do you know what are the functions and characteristics of ultra-pure water equipment?   Function:    can remove various anions and cations in water, and is an irreplaceable means in the current process of preparing high-purity water. Ion exchangers are divided into cation exchangers, anion exchangers and so on.   When the raw water passes through the ion exchange column, the cations in the water and the anions in the water are exchanged with the cation resin H+ ions and the anion resin OH- ions in the exchange column to achieve the purpose of desalination. The different combinations of positive and negative mixed columns can make the water quality meet higher requirements.  Features:   1. Wide voltage stabilization range, input voltage variation ±20% can still be used normally.  2. High efficiency, the product has a power factor correction circuit, and the power factor can reach above.  3. The output voltage and current are stepless and continuously adjustable, and the voltage and current are automatically switched.  4. The steady flow change from small to large load is less than that.  5. High safety performance, the output terminal can be arbitrarily short-circuited without causing damage to the machine, and the short-circuit current can be continuously adjusted.  6. u200bu200bUsing high frequency pulse width modulation technology, it has the characteristics of strong stability, high precision, small size, light weight and low power consumption.
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