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Features of microfiltration membrane filtration technology

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-06
Microfiltration membrane filtration technology features writer: MF is generally believed that the separation mechanism for screening mechanism, the physical structure of the film play a decisive role. In addition, factors such as adsorption and electrical properties also have an impact on the rejection rate. The effective separation range is 0.1-10μm particles, and the operating static pressure difference is 0.01-0.2MPa. Microfiltration can retain particles between 0.1 and 1 micron. The microfiltration membrane allows macromolecular organics and dissolved solids (inorganic salts) to pass, but it can block the penetration of suspended solids, bacteria, some viruses and large-scale colloids. , The operating pressure difference (effective driving force) on both sides of the microfiltration membrane is generally 0.7bar. Features of microfiltration membrane filtration technology: (1) The inner pore diameter of the microfiltration membrane is relatively uniform through pores, and the porosity accounts for 70% to 80% of the total volume. It can intercept all the particles larger than the rated pore size in the liquid, and the filtration speed is fast . (2) The microfiltration membrane is a uniform and continuous polymer porous body, with good chemical stability, no fibers and debris falling off, and no particles will regenerate and affect the quality of the filtered water. (3) The microfiltration membrane will not cause particles larger than the pore size to pass through the microfiltration membrane due to the increase in pressure. Even pressure fluctuations will not affect the filtering effect. (4) Compared with other methods, the use of microfiltration membranes to treat wastewater does not require the addition of special water treatment chemicals. It has a small footprint, simple operation, stable and reliable system operation, easy control and maintenance, and high treatment efficiency. (5) Since the microfiltration membrane is similar to a multi-layered sieve, the retention effect is limited to the surface of the membrane, and it is very easy to be blocked by a small amount of particles or colloidal particles similar to the membrane pore size. For example, a membrane element with a positive AC structure can better solve this defect due to its continuous self-cleaning characteristics.
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