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Forbes 2019 Global Rich List Announced, 11 Home Entrepreneur Lists

by:Ocpuritech     2019-05-01

On March 5th, New York local time, Forbes released the 33rd annual Global Billionaires list, listing the richest people in the world. According to Forbes statistics, the number of billionaires and the total value of wealth fell in different degrees in 2019, reflecting the economic and stock market turmoil.

△ US Forbes 33rd global billionaire list TOP20

Data shows that billions of billionaire Jeff Bezos topped the list, net worth increased to $131 billion, and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett ranked second and third. The front row of the list is still a familiar name and character. So, in the pan-home building materials industry in China, what are the home furnishings on the list?

11 people! They are the car circulation giant Red Star Macalline's Che Jianxin, the whole house custom giant Ou Pai Yao Liangsong, the recent listing of Wang Linpeng, Gu Jiahu's Gu Yuhua, Fang Tai Group's Mao Lixiang, Boss Electric's Ren Jianhua, Liansu Huang Lianyu, Jin Xing's Zhu Xingliang, Opus Lighting's Ma Xiuhui and Wang Yaohai, and Min Hua Holdings' Huang Minli. Among them, Che Jianxin ranked first in the home field with 4.4 billion US dollars!

△ 2019 Forbes Global Rich List of China's home furnishing list (Source: Sina home finishing)

However, it is worth mentioning that Wang Linpeng of the actual family did not enter the list last year, and now breaks out in one fell swoop, and ranked third in the home industry with a wealth of 2.9 billion US dollars, the speed is amazing! ! Is this related to the successful backdoor listing of this year's home, and the value of people and enterprises has risen?

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