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Freezing small desalination processing technology have?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-09
Freezing small desalination processing technology have? Now there are many kinds of processing methods, desalination seawater desalination method is used in the freezing method, electrodialysis method, distillation, reverse osmosis method. Here we introduce one of the freezing water desalination, you know what is freezing small desalination process? Degassing of freezing desalination process: because of the water soluble some no non-condensable gas under the condition of low pressure will almost released in full, and won't be condensed in the condenser. This will increase system pressure, make the evaporation crystallizer internal pressure is higher than two phase point pressure, destroy the operation. Vacuum degassing method obviously fit for this system. Precooling of freezing desalination process: after water degasification and drain of concentrated brine evaporation crystallizer and desalinated water to produce heat, precooling near to the freezing point of water. Freezing desalination process of temperature and pressure are the main factors influencing the rate of water evaporation and freezing. Freezing process of ice desalination & ndash; Brine is a solid-liquid system: ordinary separation method can make the ice & ndash; Brine for separation, but different separation methods, the ice crystal salt is different also. Experimental results show that the reduced pressure filtration method of ice crystal salt content than normal pressure filtration method of ice crystals was much lower salinity. Steam condensation of freezing desalination process: in the evaporation crystallizer, besides water precipitation ice crystals, will also produce a lot of steam, the steam must be removed in time, to make the water to evaporate and freeze. Freezing desalination process is what is first introduced to the here. Freeze desalination method of low energy consumption, light corrosion and fouling, simple pretreatment, small equipment investment, and can handle the high salinity of seawater, is an ideal method of desalination. If you want to learn more about seawater desalination equipment technology related content, can focus on other contents of this web site.
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