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Function explanation of laboratory ultrapure water machine

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-30
Function laboratory ultra-pure water to explain the article: laboratory ultra-pure water with the continuous improvement of the quality, range of applications is constantly expanded laboratory ultra-pure water, the primary application in the laboratory, according to the laboratory Different water demand, supply different treatment technologies to ensure the safety of laboratory water. Introduction to the functions of the laboratory ultrapure water machine 1. Control functions: Fully active touch screen display controller, animated flow chart, real-time display and monitoring of the technical operation status of each water treatment unit. 2. Online display of operating status and parameters: online display of flow rate, online display of pressure, online monitoring of source water quality and product water quality, and digital display, etc., to understand the operating status of the equipment in real time, and to facilitate the monitoring and analysis of the operating status of the system. 3. With active maintenance and alarm functions: self-checking, water shortage maintenance alarm, power failure active reset, high and low voltage automatic shutdown for maintenance and processing, system completion linkage, if there is a problem in the system part, the system automatically shuts down, etc. 4. The reverse osmosis host has the function of RO membrane anti-scaling program design, which can periodically cycle the surface of the RO membrane and effectively maintain the operation of the RO membrane. 5. All water tank liquid levels are fully controlled automatically: the equipment connection between the central water tank, pure water tank and water tank not only completes the linkage, but also maintains each pump from idling and damage. 6. Commodity water quality online monitoring and unqualified water recycling treatment: In order to ensure that the water quality at the water point meets the requirements, the main engine produces real-time online monitoring of the water quality, and is equipped with water quality reaction equipment, and the unqualified water quality is recycled and processed. 7. It has the function of actively flushing the pipe network, cleaning the pipeline regularly to keep the inside of the pipeline clean. When the pipeline is flushed, it can be directly discharged, or it can be returned to the water-making equipment host for reuse to save water. Laboratory ultrapure water machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, stable water quality, reliable quality and high work efficiency. Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been operating pure water equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment, ultrapure water equipment, laboratory pure water equipment, RO for many years. The film/resin production, sales, installation, and after-sales service have reached long-term cooperation with many companies and won the trust and support of customers. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the laboratory ultrapure water machine, you can call our official phone: 400-9969-506, we will provide you with detailed solutions.
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