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Garbage leachate treatment equipment DTRO membrane which should be paid attention to when use?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-09
Garbage leachate treatment equipment DTRO membrane which should be paid attention to when use? Garbage leachate changing to strain of garbage leachate treatment engineering application ability to adapt very strong DTRO membrane separation technology, although the DTRO reverse osmosis membrane technology itself has a certain degree of stain resistance, but in the whole process, if not effectively protect DTRO film for a long time, coupled with the long-term accumulation of pollutants in water, the membrane fouling occurs. So, what role does the garbage leachate treatment equipment DTRO membrane? When the pollution is the membrane, membrane through rate decreased, the membrane flux is reduced, the service life of membrane is greatly reduced, but also make production running costs continue to rise, so the DTRO operation process of reverse osmosis membrane in the entire process, should be based on the craft, the osmotic quantity of the membrane, membrane performance factors such as the complete analysis, and accurate method to maintain improvement. Because the DTRO is required for the process of reverse osmosis membrane technology in the treatment of water is acidic, so need to handle on the leachate join industrial hydrochloric acid to adjust the PH value, through the study of the test of membrane material, determine the scope of the PH. Make the membrane under partial acid work all the time, to ensure that the service life of membrane reach more than 5 years. For after adjusting the PH of the waste water to the water temperature control, general control in line with the requirement of water temperature above 5 degrees, to ensure high efficiency of diaphragm. In the given conditions, operating pressure temperatures could reduce the speed of the membrane fouling. More to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance, but pay attention to the operating pressure in the cleaning process influence on membrane fouling, at the beginning of the film running due to large between membrane and solute adsorption, the improving operating pressure to make more solute osmosis in the past, and reduce membrane pollution. However, increase of operating pressure can lead to the colloidal substances on the surface of the membrane, deposition rate increases, and further accelerate the speed of membrane fouling. Therefore, in the actual operation process to determine the operating pressure of reasonable selection according to actual condition, and in order to better control the membrane flux, corresponding values, and should be set when the transmembrane pressure difference reaches a certain value, the membrane cleaning. DTRO membrane of garbage leachate treatment equipment can play the effect of high quality, good maintenance, and basic working index is indispensable, believe that the above content to your garbage leachate treatment equipment used in the future are of great help.
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