General knowledge of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning in Shanghai reverse osmosis concentrated wate

General knowledge of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning in Shanghai reverse osmosis concentrated water treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-02
Shanghai reverse osmosis membrane water treatment equipment reverse osmosis concentrated in cleaning common sense author of the article notes: reverse osmosis membrane is a core element of the reverse osmosis water equipment, and now, the production of reverse osmosis water purification equipment technology industry will be spend, gradually go Into various industrial water treatment equipment. There is a problem that we must face now. When reverse osmosis is used repeatedly for a long time, it cannot avoid the phenomenon of some pollutants depositing on the surface of the membrane, which will affect the overall performance of the water treatment equipment. If the water treatment is to be restored The good performance of the equipment requires cleaning of the reverse osmosis membrane. So what problems do we generally encounter in the reverse osmosis membrane cleaning process? 1. How to judge whether the reverse osmosis membrane has been contaminated? (1) Under normal pressure, the water production decreases; (2) In order to achieve the standard production Water quantity, the operating pressure must be increased; (3) The weight of the membrane element increases; (4) The membrane removal rate changes significantly (increase or decrease); (5) When the element is taken out of the pressure vessel, pour the water on the upright On the water inlet side of the membrane element, water cannot flow through the membrane element and only overflows from the end surface (indicating that the water inlet channel is completely blocked). 2. Which process should be used for general water inflow? Specific analysis for specific issues, the choice of process depends on personal needs, and should be compared with its own economy. At present, under many water inlet conditions, ion exchange or reverse osmosis processes are used Both are technically feasible. In the case of higher salt content, reverse osmosis is more economical, on the contrary, the lower the salt content, the more economical the ion exchange. 3. Precautions for the specific implementation of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning (1) Check the entire cleaning system before cleaning; (2) Use any cleaning chemicals to follow the corresponding safety operating procedures; (3) During the cleaning process, be sure to Pay attention to the correct replacement of the valve to prevent back pressure in the RO. Once the back pressure is caused, the reverse osmosis membrane will be irreparably damaged; (4) Pay attention to the cleaning time of each cycle during cleaning, and control the pH of the cleaning solution to 10.5 Around, when the color of the cleaning fluid turns yellow, deep, and a lot of bubbles appear, it indicates that the cleaning effect is very good;
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