Gengyuan deep ploughed water after sale 12 Road gold medal service broke through the industry bottle

Gengyuan deep ploughed water after sale '12 Road' gold medal service broke through the industry bottleneck

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-15

According to the total data of Avi Cloud (AVC), the annual sales volume of water purifiers in 2010 was 31.69 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 17.4%. It can be seen that the penetration rate of water purifiers is getting higher and higher. Consumers are increasingly demanding water purifiers. However, China's water purification industry is still not perfect, the water purification market is mixed, the quality of products is uneven, and some of the water purifier brand after-sales service standards are similar. The after-sales service, which has been criticized by consumers, has been repeatedly listed in the negative “list” of 3.15 Consumer Rights Day.

Unlike other home appliances, the installation and post-maintenance of water purifiers require professional after-sales personnel to follow up. For example, when the filter cartridge is used up, it will cause secondary pollution if it is not replaced in time. It is necessary for the master to replace the filter. But in fact, the water purification industry, which has always emphasized the 'three-point product, seven-point service', has always appeared in the market, but there has always been a phenomenon of 'three-point product, one-point service, six-point flickering', resulting in a water purifier. After-sales service chaos is frequent, and the problems are numerous.

Due to the lack of service awareness, many water purifier manufacturers only sell the service regardless of the service, so that the water purifier becomes a 'disposable product' in a certain sense. Consumers are naturally reluctant to pay the bill, which leads to the benign development of the water purification industry. The elbow.

“The biggest shortcoming in China's water purification industry is service, and service is precisely one of the key factors to establish a good relationship with users and cultivate user brand loyalty.” China Water Purification Experts know the after-sales service to the water purification industry. The importance of upgrading after-sales service to the same important position as the product: the standardized CSM customer management system and the customer service team of more than 100 people, ready to solve the problems of product consultation, installation and maintenance for customers; covering the after-sales service network nationwide, It has achieved after-sales service radiation in most areas of the country.

In the second half of 2018, in order to further improve the quality of after-sales service of Gion, Gion Group took the lead in building a “12-channel” service system. Each process was carried out in strict accordance with standards and specifications, creating thoughtful and meticulous attention for each consumer. Intimate high quality service.

According to the staff inside the park, the “12-way” service system includes: advance reservation, service preparation, on-time door-to-door, presentation of two certificates, survey site, determination of demand, cost budget, service development, test machine test, explanation use, filling Single charge, clear farewell. Through the '12-channel' service system, consumers can experience a more humane and more professional service experience.

'The product quality is no better, there is no installation, maintenance and other supporting services, and the water purifier is difficult to exert its true value.' The relevant person in charge of the park said that after-sales service is one of the key factors for more and more users to choose the brand. Only by establishing a perfect after-sales service system, establishing a good sense of service, and solving the customer's after-sales problems in the first time, can users feel the professionalism and intention of the park, and also eliminate the user's worries about the use of water purifiers.

It is reported that the after-sales staff of Gion are all certified to work, and the strict training mechanism guarantees the professionalism of after-sales service. In the service cost that consumers care about, Gion has also established a standardized system. All after-sales personnel must strictly follow the national unified charging standards for the estimated charges of service items in the service process, and list them with users. The details of the charges will be transparent and standardized. After the service is completed, the after-sales personnel will repeatedly check the contents of the service, and then pass the water to conduct the test machine to ensure the integrity of the service.

The continuous improvement of the service system allows users to enjoy the intimate service while using the products of Gion. Gion believes that only by truly starting from the needs of users will it win customers, win the market, and win the future. It is this belief that constantly pushes Gengyuan to break through the bottleneck of the water purification industry and promote a more orderly and healthy development of the industry.

“After-sales service has always been the short-board of the water purification industry, and the establishment of the 12-channel service system of Gion has undoubtedly played a positive role in complementing the short-board industry.” Industry observers said that Gion’s continuous improvement in service quality is not only The development of Gion itself is beneficial, and it has also greatly promoted the overall service level of the water purification industry. This is very valuable in the current water purification field.

At the same time, as the recent research of Ocpuritech shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
Being a performance leader means Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.
As the manufacturing procedure of water treatment systems becomes more regulated, the costs to businesses will increase and the workforce will suffer as a result.

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