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Governing the after-sales chaos of home appliances

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-26

The chaos in the after-sales service of home appliances has always caused headaches for consumers. This issue was once again exposed in this year’s CCTV “3·15 party”. During the party, the after-sales service of many well-known big brands was exposed, and there were behaviors of minor illnesses, misguided sales, and even intentional destruction of home appliances. These after-sales service providers are not the miscellaneous soldiers that consumers are looking for on the Internet, but all of them are contracted and authorized by these home appliance companies, so consumers feel even more difficult to prevent. (See 'Beijing Youth Daily' on March 25)

The after-sales service of home appliances has been around for a long time, and it has certain universality. Obviously it is not a simple service quality problem, but a problem with the service model. At present, the domestic after-sales service of the household appliance industry usually adopts the mode of authorized contract signing. It is not an extension of the production and sales of home appliance enterprises to customers, but rather the recruitment of stable maintenance teams from the market to solve the maintenance needs of branded products. Loose cooperation.

In theory, this kind of cooperation can achieve mutual benefit and optimal allocation of resources. However, in reality, consumer rights may become a game of interests between the two parties, and cooperation itself can easily become a market-for-service. transaction. The reporter's investigation confirmed that many well-known home appliance brands will not only designate repairers to handle consumer repairs, but also provide home appliance accessories to special repairers. This means that brand companies have created a monopolistic market with no competition for special after-sales service. There is no room for choice when the product needs to be repaired. This also makes the merchants who undertake the after-sales service harm the consumers. The merchants often hold the acquiescence attitude, in order to minimize the cost of the product after sale.

In other industries, similar chaos has also appeared. For example, car maintenance services have also adopted a special service mode. Vehicle maintenance and repair can only be completed by designated maintenance points, which leads to chaotic images such as high price and excessive maintenance. With the increasingly fierce competition in the automotive consumer market, coupled with the participation of spare parts manufacturing suppliers in the after-sales market competition, the monopoly model of special maintenance has been gradually broken, and now the average car can get the necessary accessories at any maintenance point.

Full competition is a purifier for market service. To eradicate the chaos of home appliance after-sales service, it is necessary to start from the release of the after-sales maintenance market and the full choice of consumers. The market for home appliance repair services is huge. All major brands can completely open the supply of accessories, open up product repair technology, and let the maintenance trades openly and equally compete. Maintenance merchants have gained consumer recognition through good technology and excellent service. Home appliance companies have also saved the complicated after-sales service and management costs, which is actually a win-win situation.

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