Guangdong Paper Sewage Treatment Equipment_How to make preparations before installation of wastewate

Guangdong Paper Sewage Treatment Equipment_How to make preparations before installation of wastewater treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-08
Guangdong Paper sewage treatment equipment _ How do the preparatory work before the author of the article wastewater treatment equipment installation: waste paper industry has produced a wide range of large amount of water, high levels of organic pollutants characteristics, belong to one of intractable industrial wastewater, wastewater The physical properties and the concentration of organic pollutants are different in each process of pulping and papermaking. The effective treatment process is determined according to the characteristics of wastewater. The main methods currently used in papermaking industry wastewater treatment include sedimentation, air flotation, Adsorption, membrane separation, aerobic organisms, anaerobic organisms and other treatment methods, as well as treatment methods combining several processes. The pretreatment in the paper industry wastewater treatment consists of in-plant pre-treatment and off-plant pre-treatment. The in-plant pretreatment is mainly to recover the pulp in the white water. Methods such as filtration and air flotation are often used for recycling, which can avoid a large amount of Pulp enters the wastewater treatment system, which not only improves the recycling rate of pulp but also saves the investment cost of wastewater treatment. The purpose of the off-plant pretreatment is to ensure that the wastewater entering the physical and chemical, biochemical and other treatment systems can meet the process requirements to a greater extent, so that the system can operate stably. We should understand the process of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment before installation. The environmentally friendly papermaking wastewater treatment process uses physicochemical + biochemical. The characteristic of this process is that a mechanical grid is used to intercept large suspended solids, and the sewage enters the aerobic biochemical stage after passing through the adjustment tank. In order to remove ammonia nitrogen at the same time, the facility aerobic-anoxia alternate operating environment to achieve the nitrification-denitrification alternately Operation to achieve the effect of denitrification, here is achieved by setting a hydrolysis acidification tank to return part of the subsequent aerobic treatment effluent to the hydrolysis acidification tank. After understanding the process, civil construction is carried out according to the process. This can greatly reduce the detours in the early stage of installation of the papermaking wastewater treatment equipment. Next, Quanding will introduce you to the conditions required for the construction of paper-making wastewater treatment equipment. What do you know about the construction conditions of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment? Environmental protection summarizes the following points for everyone to introduce. (1) Sewage treatment equipment installation engineering should have design and construction drawings or equipment technical documents before construction, and make reasonable arrangements for temporary transportation roads, water sources, power supplies, lighting and other facilities, main materials and machinery, and labor. (2) Prior to the construction of the sewage treatment equipment installation project, the corresponding civil engineering should be basically completed. When the installation project must be constructed in conjunction with the civil engineering, the relevant equipment foundation, floor, pipeline trench, etc. should have been completed, and the concrete strength should be completed. Not less than 75% of the design strength. Building materials and debris near the construction site should be removed. (3) When sewage treatment equipment uses a building structure as a temporary lifting bearing point, necessary calculations should be made for the structural bearing capacity and used after obtaining the approval of the design department. Environmental protection has a professional papermaking wastewater treatment equipment construction team, and papermaking wastewater treatment equipment will make you satisfied! This is a brief introduction to the preparation work of papermaking sewage treatment equipment before installation and construction. If you still have doubts and don't know about this area, you can consult with us online. Environmental protection will provide you with reliable quality papermaking wastewater treatment equipment, and can also provide you with a model design according to your use conditions and requirements.
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