Haiers water and electricity business source water action leads the national water protection trend

Haier's water and electricity business source water action leads the national water protection trend

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-24

Water is the mother of all things, the foundation of survival, and the source of civilization. In order to strengthen water resources protection, at the beginning of 2019, Haier Water Purification launched the “Source Water Action – Looking for Time and Treasure Guardian” charity activities, recruiting water conservation volunteers for the whole society, and appealing to the public to raise awareness of water conservation and protect water sources in their hometowns. The event not only set off a wave of netizens' recollections of their former hometowns, but also caused a heated discussion around the protection of their hometown water sources through the huge contrast between the past and the present. Now the event has successfully completed the first round of “water purification guardian” recruitment, and will continue to expand the water conservation lineup while deepening the public welfare, calling for more strength to join the action to protect water resources.

As we all know, fresh water on the earth is extremely limited. Among all water resources, 97.5% are salt water that cannot be used, and in the remaining 2.5% of fresh water, 87% are bipolar ice sheets, alpine glaciers or ice in the permafrost zone, which is difficult for humans to use. As for the truly available rivers and lakes and part of the groundwater, it only accounts for 0.26% of the total water volume of the earth. Due to the uneven distribution of freshwater resources and the water pollution caused by human activities, over 1 billion people in the world cannot obtain sufficient and safe water to meet basic needs. It is imperative to protect water resources and protect the water environment.

In order to appeal to the whole society to pay attention to the water crisis and advocate water conservation, Haier Water Purification Mall launched the “Source Water Action” in June 2018, and carried out charitable fundraising activities through 50 Haier water purification shops on the e-commerce platform. Professional advantage, with the industry's cutting-edge water purification technology to help improve drinking water conditions in various regions of China. At the beginning of 2019, Haier Water Purification Mall upgraded the “Source Water Action” again. With a strong brand influence, it brought together many resources of the society, and carried out the whole network interaction around “water pollution in the hometown” and “national water quality inquiry”, which successfully set off. public interest and everyone's participation in the love water conservation public welfare boom.

While deepening the practice of public welfare, Haier Water has spared no effort to create a high-quality healthy drinking experience. For example, the MAZET5000 water purification technology has been developed for the problem of excessive harmful substances, which can accurately remove chemicals such as pesticides, asbestos and hormone residues in water. As well as heavy metals such as lead and mercury, it can also be efficiently sterilized. At present, this technology has been widely used in Haier water purification products, and has won wide acclaim for its reliable purification performance and excellent water quality performance.

'Bai Ai Yun, for public love rather than private love.' As Sun Yat-sen said in 'Military Spirit Education', as a well-known brand in the industry, Haier Water Purification is committed to a high degree of social responsibility and actively carries out various environmental activities from the protection of water resources. To build an open platform for public welfare undertakings, and actively take the responsibility of ecological water advocates, to link nonprofit organizations, enterprises and the public, to sound the awareness of drinking water safety in the whole society, and to continue to bring drinking water for the Chinese people. Health and safety.

(Article source: Big ice to see hot spots, invade)

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