How about credentials for ro machine manufacturer of Aomi?
A fair third party conducts several inspections on technical specifications, quality, and performance of our ro machine manufacturer, and also examine our factory's quality assurance system. Since our inception, we have continued to produce qualified products and passed relevant examinations. Now, Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been awarded relevant certificates and can put certificate marks on our products and their packing. Our product quality certifications are given only by certification bodies authorized by accreditation administration under the State Council, and some of them are granted by international authorities.
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Aomi is the first and a leading provider of manufacturing quality flow control valve in China. Various in styles, Aomi's reverse osmosis systems can meet the needs of different customers. Aomi filter cartridges undergoes a series of processing technics which are up to the newest standards in the industry including high-temperature cooling, heating, disinfection, and drying. High-level materials ensure the great durability of products. The product has undergone rigorous testing during the trial production phase. Ocpuritech products have been exported to over 30 countries.
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We are committed to achieving a balance between business development and the environment. We will seek a brand new approach to upgrade the production mode to achieve a non-pollutive and less energy consumption one.

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